Monday, June 29, 2015

And that's a wrap.....

Well, keeping up with the blog during show season clearly didn't work out.  Grad school has kept me on my toes along with teaching fitness classes part time plus training & life.  But, I thought I'd do an update to record my progress.  I share pics a LOT on Instagram and Facebook but not everyone is connected with me there.  (click the links to do that!!)

It's been a great season!  My first show was in April, second in May & the final one of the season was this past weekend.  Each show brought a new physique & I continued to make improvements each time.  My second show was smaller & I placed 4th in Masters 40+ so that was fun!

But now to the important stuff.  My transformation over the last year (that's what people really want to see!)  I started in April with Lori Harder's program & it got me back into weight training again. After doing that for a few months, I  jumped on board with Team Best Fit Body.  With their guidance, I got to where I was mid-June.  I am forever grateful & the flexible dieting has been a godsend for me.  I feel in control of my diet.  I never feel insane cravings or the feeling that if I don't eat all of something right now the aliens will steal it overnight.  (lol)

The piece of my puzzle that has always been missing is finding a local coach.  I have all but once worked with coaches in the Boston area.  My first ever fitness team was Cathy Savage Fitness & I will forever be grateful for that start.  I have SO many dear friends through that team. One of whom even traveled to Chicago for my second show!  Talk about bestie for life!!!!  Tidbit:  we met at Camp Savage in 2007 & have stayed close since!  Sometimes, she probably knows more than Kevin! lol

Back to the local thing...I have been following Layne Norton for some time now & came across a local (2 hours away!) coach who is personally coached by him.  I have followed her for some time now & chatted back & forth to gather more information.  I followed her clients too!  (sounds creepy, right?)  Perhaps but you have to SEE how they are doing, what do they look like after shows, are they training well, rebounding or properly reverse dieting.  Well, you know where I am going, right?  They do EVERYTHING right!!  They stay within a reasonable reach of their show weight, they eat to fit their macros (NO restrictions) & they look good.  Because, let's be honest, in all of this, we still want to look good!

While it was a sudden transition, I started with Alex the week before my show this past weekend.  She did my peak week which was VERY different from what I've done in the past.  It was great though & I came in looking fuller than ever with none of the previous show day issues (like cramping.)  I started my reverse diet yesterday as well.  What is that?  Well, after MONTHS of contest dieting (and it does get to low calories/fat,) it is CRUCIAL that you "back out" of that diet.  You don't go from low cals to eating "normal" overnight.  It's a gradual process of s-l-o-w-l-y adding back in macronutrients (protein, carbs & fat) so you don't gain a lot of bodyfat.  The beauty of reversing properly is that you can start to build a bit of lean mass in the process.  I will be photographing that journey for the blog too!  It's fascinating to watch!!

So the past year has been a fun trip for me.  I feel AMAZING & am in a very healthy, happy place now.  SO different from the last time that I looked like "skeletor" & rebounded horribly (which is why I haven't competed since 2008!)  I have regained my body after the miscarriages, infertility, etc that we had been dealing with since 2011 until last year when we made the decision to move on with our lives.  Wwe have a wonderful life & are truly blessed with what we are able to do.  And we have the doodle to keep us amused!!

Finally, the pictures.  The living proof that anything you set your mind to is achievable!  It was NOT an easy journey & yes I wanted to quit many times along the way.  But I remember a promise that I made to my Dad when Mom died (almost 9 years ago now) & that was to always stay healthy.  I'm back in a good place after things were out of my control for so long & I fully intend to stay here.

What now?  I start my journey with Alex at the reigns to  help me improve.  I need to bring in my legs, build out my back & grow some shoulders! It's an always evolving project & I LOVE it!  I like to call it my science project.  I will be taking the rest of the year off for improvements & will take the figure stage again next year (probably late spring, early summer.)  I am toying with the idea of physique too but really love figure so will stick with that just a little longer.  I do have some loose skin that continues to tighten up so I want to give that the time it needs.  AND I've been dieting since January for shows so my body/metabolism needs a reset (precisely what reverse dieting will do.)

I think that covers it for now but if you have questions, PLEASE leave a comment here or on my FB page!  I will respond (either there or via blog post if it's something others want to know as well!)

And if you for any split second, are curious about shows, flexible dieting, etc, do reach out!  I've actually helped several people recently get set up.  I am NOT an expert but I am learning & can help guide you!!!

Thanks for sticking with me.  The support has been amazing & truly keeps my fire lit!  If I can do it, ANYONE can!!!!!


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