Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mini-update & Isagenix

I guess I lied when I said I would be back soon! ;) I am back though & making some major changes in my life. For the better, of course!

First off, I have been enjoying a break from all things baby though every time I turn around, someone else is pregnant or telling me they are going to start trying. This week is hard since our first little one would be welcomed into the world. I don't know how others who have miscarried handle it but I just keep thing about how much life would have changed this week. Sweet baby will always be in our hearts!

Fitness is finally back ON! I spent the whole month of July training hard, getting in my cardio & eating well but nothing seemed to change. Enter August & I decided to try something that I'd been reading about for MONTHS!

Kevin & I are doing well. Gearing up for another Halloween adventure in Orlando. We are calling it our delayed anniversary trip ;) And yes, we will be off to Halloween Horror Nights once again! I CAN'T WAIT!! haha

Molly is becoming quite the handful too. She's almost 27 pounds now & about 4.5 months old. We are definitely in the naughty puppy phase with her & started puppy school 2 weeks ago then were off for the holiday. But she is doing well with the skills she learned just that first night. I laugh & say I would be good too if you were bribing me with food ;) Here's a picture of her favorite sleeping position. Classy, eh? lol

*enter total commercial sounding blurb*

I decided to start using Isagenix products after seeing some friends & teammates benefit from them. They are a whole foods type supplement in the form of proteins, meal replacement, vitamin paks, non-depleting cleanses, etc. I have been using them for a month now after being stuck & have dropped 9 pounds, sleeping better, recovering faster from workouts & just feeling overall better. I had a friend decide to try them by just using the shakes & after a week she felt great. She's now using what is called the Athlete's Pak & feeling better than ever.

Was I skeptical? Oh yes, just because someone says it's great doesn't always mean it will be. I actually figured I'd get my month's worth of stuff, not like it & cancel. I was wrong. I know there are folks who read this & think that I'm nuts (actually, I have had negative comments made both directly & I'm sure ones that I'm not aware of) but I can only say that you can only know if you try something for yourself. It's a little pricey for the products & what can be certified organic is (like the protein.) I am actually saving money at the grocery store by just replacing 2 meals a day (eating 5-6 times daily most days) with shakes.

The other benefit is that I'm earning some residual income now too from the company. It's actually going to be my vacation spending money then will pay for my monthly products (which was my initial goal.)

Why am I sharing this? Yes, I'm an Isagenix Consultant & yes, I am earning residual income. But my purpose in sharing is because I feel so great using this product & I want others to feel this way too.

Want to know more?
Isagenix Health (where you can find out how Isagenix could help your health issues)

One of the main reasons, I was comfortable using this stuff is because it is safe for breastfeeding & pregnancy (not the deep cleanse.) I have friends that utilized the products during both times & I would not use anything now that I could not use then.

This blog is not going to turn into the Isagenix blog but I wanted to share what I am doing now. Please let me know if you are interested & I can provide you additional information (either by commenting with your contact info or completing the "contact me" section on the Isa website (top right corner.)

I *hope* to get back to blogging more regularly. At least once a week is my goal. We'll see how that goes! Enjoy your weekend!!!