Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting there.

Finally, I'm feeling the mojo again! I just was busy then sick then nothing to say. It's just not like me!!! But I'm starting to feel human again though not 100% just yet. My first round of antibiotics are just about in my system (2 more days) then I debated starting round 2. Why? Because I wanted to have wine on Thanksgiving! lol BUT I would RATHER hold my sweet soon-to-be niece instead. She's almost 5 months old & I do not want to give her my cooties. Soooooo, I'll put on my big girl panties, love on baby Emma & just have one glass of wine!

My progress had come to screeching halt in the last few weeks. First was my shower & weekend with family along with all that entails (really really good food!), monthly cycle (held a TON of water this month), our "buffer" wedding (which btw just means they were our buffer before marriage. It was them first, then us, then other friends.) THEN I got sick. I am not like most people who drop when they are sick. I gain or maintain. Why? Because I'm barely hungry but know that 1) medicine makes me sick & 2) my blood sugar will bottom if I don't eat. So I force down whatever I want. I nursed a frozen pizza for 3 days, had a lot of cranberry juice (thank you UTI) & lots of fruit. As of this morning, I'm only up 1.5 from where I was at my lowest before the shower. No biggie though....I've totally had fun :) Well, minus the post wedding hangover (hahahahaha.) I also had not been to the gym for a full week (yes, it killed me but I was a smart sick girl this time.) I just went back & have done LIGHT cardio the last few days.

Do you ever just get sick of even worrying about it? I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about that. She's not lost the "last 10 pounds" after she had her son. She said she started to become really obsessive about it but finally realized that she's doing everything right...she's active (walks or does the elliptical almost daily), eats very well most days & enjoys her life. Soooo many people do not have that. Why? Is being thin worth all of that? When was the last time someone asked you how much you weighed or what size your jeans were? Even when doing the figure shows, yes, we tracked weight loss for progress but that was not always the best gauge of how you were doing. What was you ask? The MIRROR!!!! It was all about how you looked. I told my best friend the other night how much I weighed & she did not believe me! It just doesn't matter. Do you look good? Feel good? Are you healthy? Start thinking about that instead of the number on the scale!! That said, I will confess that I do get on the scale every morning. It's a gauge though it does tick me off sometimes but what I no longer let it do is send me into a downward spiral!

Think about how you live your life. Are you in control or letting something else affect your whole day? (yes, like the scale.) Are you enjoying the things you love the most? Have the darn apple fritter (wait, was that a confession?!? lol) if it's what you really want. It may save you from overdoing it on something you didn't really want later.

Whew, I'm getting a little rambly but you get the point.

And one last request as you finish reading. Please say a prayer for Candace's family as they say their final farewells today. My heart goes out to them & I just pray for God's comforting hand in their lives!

Enjoy your day!

ps...I just like that picture. It has nothhing to do with the blog :) lol

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quick note

I'm adding the link for Candace's obituary here. I know she touched alot of people & some are finding my blog by searching for her name. I hope this helps folks trying to get the information.

NWI Times Obituary

Just continue to be in prayer for her family. It seems that her passing has alot of us really remembering how grateful we are for each day.

More soon!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Be grateful!

Today's blog will not be very uplifting. A friend from high school lost her life this weekend in what will be a very bittersweet situation for her family. Candace Vargo died after complications from childbirth leaving behind a beautiful little boy & her husband. I just cannot imagine. Truly.

What hits me the hardest today is the thoughts from her best friend who was more like a sister. I sobbed this morning thinking of all the situations I've been through in the last few years knowing without a doubt I would not be where I am today with my best friend by my side.

I sent her an email first thing this morning to make sure she knows how much I love her & thanked her for keeping me from a dark place when my Mom died.

I have very few close friends. I keep my distance from people. I think alot of that has to do with dealing with the death of my brother at such a young age. I've hurt people I called friends too. Mostly because I get my feelings hurt then back away. It's not fair & everyone gets hurt but it's how I react.

I don't know where I'm going with all of this other than to remind you that life is precious. Tomorrow is never a promise. God gives us each day as a gift. What would you do if you knew tomorrow wasn't coming? Each day should be lived that way. Never forget to let those around you know how much you appreciate them, pray for your friends & family daily & I even pray for those I no longer speak with. Life goes on, babies are born & lives are lost. Take advantage of the moments in your life & never take them for granted!

And while your at it....say a prayer for Candace's family & friends. They will need them!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes, I said it. I have cooties. I am now medicated & not feeling any better at all. In fact, I think I feel a little worse than yesterday! My appetite has left the building & it was fine all week!

You can see what Alex & I did most of the day yesterday! I sucked it up & went to the doctor to find that I have a bad sinus infection (that will apparently take 2 rounds of antibiotics to kill) & also a UTI. Good times!

My face hurts (yes, Kevin loved hearing that last night.....) from the sinus pressure & I'm downing cranberry juice mixed in with my water!

I had to laugh at my doctor who knows me too well when he said "don't even think about going back to the gym until after the weekend." hahaha He was impressed I'd not been since Monday morning! Honestly, going up & down my stairs takes alot of energy so no worries there! I actually told Kevin that when I do go back it'll likely just be some easy cardio for a week. I do NOT want this to get any worse!

Oh & wedding invitations are sitting on my desk!!!! Eep! Will post a picture of the non-essential portion when they go out!!!

Have a FAB weekend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm around.

Hey guys. I'm so sorry for being absent. Just not feeling the whole writing thing at the moment. I'm still reading blogs daily even though not always commenting. I'll get my mojo back soon ;) Things are good though & moving right along with the wedding. We went to our "buffer" wedding on Friday night so that means we are next! Eeek!!! And I just got notice that our wedding invitations have shipped! Now I just need to order some for the reception that we'll have back here. I'll leave you with a picture from a wedding we attended (the "buffer" wedding.)

More soon.