Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes, I said it. I have cooties. I am now medicated & not feeling any better at all. In fact, I think I feel a little worse than yesterday! My appetite has left the building & it was fine all week!

You can see what Alex & I did most of the day yesterday! I sucked it up & went to the doctor to find that I have a bad sinus infection (that will apparently take 2 rounds of antibiotics to kill) & also a UTI. Good times!

My face hurts (yes, Kevin loved hearing that last night.....) from the sinus pressure & I'm downing cranberry juice mixed in with my water!

I had to laugh at my doctor who knows me too well when he said "don't even think about going back to the gym until after the weekend." hahaha He was impressed I'd not been since Monday morning! Honestly, going up & down my stairs takes alot of energy so no worries there! I actually told Kevin that when I do go back it'll likely just be some easy cardio for a week. I do NOT want this to get any worse!

Oh & wedding invitations are sitting on my desk!!!! Eep! Will post a picture of the non-essential portion when they go out!!!

Have a FAB weekend!


Mellissa said...

Feel better!

Deb said...

I hope you feel better soon!