Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cookie anyone?

I love that picture & saw it on another blog so had to share it here! Too funny!

Soooo much going on as you'd well expect! My wedding is 30 days away now & I can hardly believe it!!! How about an old fashioned recap?

*I had a dress fitting last weekend & it fits PERFECT!!! The only alteration needed is to add a simple french bustle. The train on my dress is not long at all so that did the trick. No hemming, taking in or anything! The lady laughed & said that NEVER happens. Though she did warn me to not lose alot more weight or it would be loose. 5-7 is safe or I'll have to get a bodysuit/corset type thing to help hold it up!

*Invitations for the reception arrived yesterday & are so fun. We are assembling & addressing them this weekend to be mailed.

*My friend is providing me glam services for the day of the, mani/pedi & make-up! A very generous gift & she's not even in the wedding. Such a sweetheart..she's actually dating Kevin's old roommate :) I'm getting my MOH a mani & some others are coming as well!

*I found out that someone at the Luxor upgraded us to a luxury suite for the days leading to the wedding & also got VIP access to Cathouse the night of the wedding to continue the celebrating! They have been FABULOUS!!!!

Fitness front:
*In grand style of my body, my weight bounced back to where it was so I gave up on the whole dieting thing thinking it was one less stress on my plate until after the wedding. Oh, good call...what happened you ask? Oh, I started dropping weight overnight! I got on the scale this morning & am down for this week again! It's insane but a smart friend said it's probably because I'm happy & finally let it go. My body has not cooperated in a very long time & now it decides to do it & so close to the wedding! lol I guess it's just God's timing & is getting me ready for the next step ;) So weight loss is fine & I'm just hoping to not drop much more before the wedding. The bridal shop will alter my dress for me though if necessary before the reception. I hope that won't be necessary but it's certainly possible at this point!

*My training & cardio have been spot on! I'm starting a new program with my coaches next month & cannot wait. It's similar to a program I did with them in the past. I carry a significant amount of muscle & while I don't want to build anymore (already did post-contest), I would like to maximize what I do have so this will give me that opportunity! Can't wait!

Biggest Loser
I'm sorry to say that I'm just NOT feeling this season again. I really don't know why. It's not because I'm busy with wedding stuff either. I block out that time with my best friend to watch but am just not getting into it like I've done in the past. I will say that the red team is so manipulative & I do not care for them at all. She's Tracy from last season all over again though dare I say she's worse. And what's up with the green team? Something HUGE is going on under the surface there too. They need some help!

That's enough for now. If I missed something, just ask :) And I'm wondering how you are all doing on your goals for the year?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I find myself saying that alot but time is flying & I need off the crazy train! Things have been busy to say the least. Mostly with wedding planning, of course but also with trying to move my stuff to Kevin's house. I'm only home a couple days a week anymore but poor sweet kitty is still at my house. So what happens when I'm home? He becomes a lapcat. Yes, my adorable sweet 15 pound cat curls up in my lap...even when the laptop is there. He'll be moving to Kevin's house the beginning of February. He can bond with Daddy! hahaha

Honestly though, things are coming along. I'm such a frugal bride that I found a great pair of bridal shoes at Payless. Ready for it? For $10!!!! I was afraid they were going to be too high giving me a couple inches on Kevin but they worked out perfect! Yay!

Dad also gave me a check today to cover expenses up until the reception. I gave him a number & he gave us a little extra. I think he feels my number might be off & he could be right. But it was appreciated. I really do appreciate him paying for the wedding! I know we are spending less than had my Mom been alive though I bet he does not realize that!

What else....

Biggest Loser is now on week 3 & I'm just not feeling it again. I feel like they just keep bringing bigger contestants for the sake of ratings but it's concerning. I touched on that before so I won't harp on it but anymore it's just about that. I will say that I do believe that Bob & Jillian are truly wanting to help people but the producers are going for ratings.

As for the contestants, I'm not feeling a big connection to anyone. I liked the white team at first but not any longer. Maybe the girl in the purple & maybe the pink team but that's about it. Red team? That woman is starting to remind me of Tracy & her fibs about not throwing the weigh in are just annoying. It's a no brainer...train, follow your diet & you will drop weight. I love that they busted her out last night!

I guess that's about it. I'm just busy & it's hard to keep up with the blog but I'm trying! I'm also sucking at keeping up with reading. I can't tell you the last time I actually was able to sit & read my faves. Most of my free time here at work is spent on wedding stuff, time at my house is packing & time at Kevin's is vegging with him. I should be back to normal in April! hahaha

38 days........

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowflakes are winter's butterflies.

Sweet huh? I guess it would be more fitting if the Region didn't look like this....
(picture from today's edition of the NWI Times)
Yes, once again the area is getting dumped on not by one but 2 storms. Actually it's the big storm moving across the Midwest at the moment. BUT it's going to stall out over Lake Michigan, pick up some friends & dump up to another foot of snow in parts of the area. What parts you ask? Oh, the part where I live! lol There are several counties that get the brunt of the lake effect snow & I happen to be in one of them. Dad always laughs because he lives just 13 miles SW of me. I will call & tell him of the foot we get...him? Nothing but a few flakes.

Onto the Biggest Loser...

I'm not really sure what I think of this season yet. It's actually scary to see contestants getting bigger & bigger. With that it's a relief to hear Bob & Jillian express more concern. The show was amazing & still is but their quest to find the biggest in America is scary. I hope they focus more on health like they did starting a couple seasons ago. I was happy they started focusing on lifestyle stuff. I think Tara was a pre-cursor to that with her OCD dieting. A bad found good.

I'm impressed with the white team. They have alot of work to do..especially the kid. His Mom of course got to my heart talking about not wanting to repeat her Mom's mistakes. Why? That's my goal too. It's why I do what I do. I can NEVER put Kevin through what my Dad had to endure with Mom. It was heartbreaking. I know anything could happen & we could still face times like that but I will never go down without a fight. Wow, digress much ;)

Things with wedding are moving right along. Will be ordering reception invitations in the next week, dress fitting is January 23 (they are putting in a bra & need a fit like a glove if you recall) & trying to put wedding stuff into place. Payments for that stuff are due in just a couple weeks. EEK!!!!!

So that's a brief recap. I'm off to brave the roads home though Dad said they are pretty empty. Schools were either cancelled or early dismissed. Thankfully when BIG storms like this come *most* people are smart & stay home. I'm grateful for that.

Be safe & stay warm!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Protein shake ponderings.....

Well, that sounds a whole lot more complicated that it is. I'm currently have a protein shake (already ate the apple with PB) & thinking. Do you ever turn into your own worst enemy? Do you overthink things SO much only to realize what you had going was what you already needed?

I've really enjoyed this holiday season. A new niece-to-be made it fun with her first Christmas. My Dad & his friend (okay, girlfriend) enjoyed both Thanksgiving & Christmas with my soon-to-be family (8 weeks, if you wondered), a visit with my cousin & his now fiance then one more Christmas with my family. We had ALOT of family time this year & I loved every minute of it. Along with those times came ALOT of really tasty food. My family loves to cook & one of my great uncle's married into an Italian family. HELLOOOOOO! Have you had dinner with italians? Oh the yumminess! My Aunt Renee made gingerbread elephants (so yum!), my Aunt Pat's lasagna, Kevin's Mom's 7-layer bars (several batches actually), sweet potato casserole that was like eating candy. Need I go on? lol

So with all of that brings a little guilt as I got on the scale after the full 2 weeks ended. Then my head starts going to different know..."I should do this" & "I should do that." Why? I dunno...maybe because I've spent so many years of my life "dieting." I have a coach. She has a VERY sensible program. Her workouts kick my butt & I get my cardio in like I'm supposed to. It's a great program. So why on earth do I start second guessing? Is it because I'm a woman & that's what we do? Who knows but it was driving me batty.

Yesterday, I got my head screwed back on straight. I'm back on program...the one that I know works for me. Our holiday festivities ended on Saturday. I was back on program on Sunday. I trashed the rest of the cutout sugar cookies that were left in the freezer too. Have you trashed the junk?

This may have turned into a bit of a rambly post but something tells me that you understand. Are you ready? Ready to face this year willing to do what it takes to make things happen? Are you willing to grab the bull by the horns, take control & do what is necesary to reach your goals? Resolutions are for people who quit. Set goals & make them happen.

I'm facing a very busy few months ahead of me but I'm going to do my best to make this MY year to shine. From fiance to wife, I will make it happen.

ARE YOU READY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN???? What will you make of this year?

Saddle up friends....we are ready to ROCK!!!!!

ps..I'm sick of snow & don't forget Biggest Loser starts tonight!!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010