Monday, December 15, 2014

Details please!

So, now that I've outted myself, it's time to get down to business.  I've been asked to detail what I'm doing. My diet, my training, my "maintenance," blah blah blah.

Let's start with what I eat.  Our team follows a macros based flexible diet.  It's often referred to in the industry as "IIFYM" which stands for If It Fits Your Macros.  What that basically means is that we eat what we want, make it fit into our numbers with 80% of our foods coming from a "clean" foods list.  Bottom line?  If I want a piece of dark chocolate, I can have it but it has to fit into my day.  What are macros?  They are specific numbers that dictate how many grams of protein, carbs & fat I can eat in a given day.

If you are interested in a jump start, you can visit our Team Best Fit Body & check out the 6 week nutritional program!!

Training?  I currently train 6 days a week doing body part splits (ie: chest & core, back & bi's, legs x2, shoulders, core & triceps.)  My cardio is only 3 days of 30 min HIIT (high intensity interval training.)  We also do a fun team challenge each week that is a short HIIT style circuit training.  I spend NO more than 70 minutes in the gym on any given day.  The myth in this industry is that you have to spend HOURS a day in the gym.  Yes, there are teams that do that but it's not necessary. If you are KILLING your workouts, making your cardio count & doing your best, that's all you need! I should add that I get all of training from my coach as well.

Maintenance?  Seems like an odd thing for a competitor, doesn't it?  Well, it's crucial to the process.  My maintenance plan is monthly chiropractic adjustments.  During these appointments, he also checks any twinges, soreness, etc that I've had.  It helps that my doctor also works out at the same gym & observes my movements there.  My last check-up included a comment that I'm moving well which made me mucho happy!

The other part of maintenance is taking my rest day, foam rolling DAILY (sometimes twice a day), stretching & monthly massage. I also try to fit in hot yoga once a week to help keep things loose.

How to make food prep easier?  I batch cook each week for lunches....meatballs, chicken breast or tenderloins, turkey burgers, etc.  So I'll portion out what I want for protein, toss in some (pre-cooked) rice & frozen veggies.  Easy & fast.  Snacks are fruit, protein shakes, plain greek yogurt, etc.  Dinner is always what I'm making for hubby that night with a salad & I add a carb if I need to for myself (sweet potato, etc.)  Breakfast (because I'm boring) is always 2 eggs, english muffin with a little bit of cheese.

I do use some supplements.  I take a joint supplement, BCAA/pre-workout, multivitamin, protein powder & a greens supplement.  I also take fish oils but currently they are on hold due to surgery on my hand this week (they thin your blood & can interfere with clotting.)

Disclaimer: my program is mine & geared for what my body needs (training.)  While many of our programs are similar, they are streamlined for us & that is the same for our macros as well so you won't ever see my exact training/macro numbers.

That should cover it but as always, I'm open so if you have questions, feel free to ask & I will be happy to address them!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Well, since I'm competing again.  I thought it was time to dust this thing off.  That & peer pressure (the good kind) has won! lol

More details shortly but as of Saturday, I'm 16 weeks out!  Game on!!