Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear sleep, I miss you!

The insomnia continues. Well, I guess it could be considered that but in reality I'm just wide awake after 5-6 hours a night. So, I do my best to stay up past 8pm but it's SO hard! That leaves me a zombie all day long unless I can catch a little sleep before Kevin gets out of bed.
(these guys were just too cute!)

Speaking of cats, mine has been glued to my side. I noticed him being uber clingy but that was before I learned I was pregnant. He's up my rear, has to sleep on me or be touching me & is acting like a creeper. I'll be laying on the couch & he just sits there watching me! haha Creeper kitty!

Other than sleep issues, I'm doing well & feeling good. I had a little scare with some discharge this weekend that freaked me out though totally normal. So my doctor's office moved up my appointment to next week for "peace of mind." haha I think that translates to "crazy preggo calling." I'm SO excited to hear a heartbeat & see the little bean via ultrasound!!!! I'm certain I'll cry at both. I think it'll make it more real for Kevin too :)

And I've taken a bit of a gym break too. I may not work out the rest of this trimester but will play it by ear. I feel like a slug yet am enjoying the break honestly. I wish it was nicer outside to just walk in the neighborhood but that won't happen for a bit. I have the rest of my life to exercise so not putting pressure on myself at the moment.

Hope you are all well. Anything exciting happening with you??? And from the bottom of my heart, a sincere thank you for all the well wishes!!!! The lentil & I appreciate it :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just like that.

I feel pregnant!!! That was Monday. My boobs were bigger (heavier) & my waist appeared to be thicker. We won't even talk about the bloat that was partially caused from pregnancy & partially caused from eating out so much with wake/funeral stuff. So today, just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I busted out the tape measure. Yep...everything has increased...boobs, waist, tummy.

And you know what? I love it. Why? It's signs that I'm really & truly pregnant. Some will look at me & just think I've put on a few pounds (yes, it's visible) because my jeans are a little tight, clearly a muffin top over my gym stretchies & my tummy is pooched.

I will embrace the new thickness & know that I'm baking a baby. I swear I'll talk more about other stuff too but indulge me for a little while as I just take this all in still ;)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

And so it begins......

Thank you all SO much for the well wishes :) I'm still so excited & honestly have been feeling great. If you missed it, I had a BIG announcement!!!!

Here's what I'm experiencing this far....

1) Lack of sleep!!!!

Seriously, I wake up in the middle of the night (3am, 2am & the other night actually 1230am!!!) I'm up for a couple hours..wide awake, mind you...then doze for about an hour or so before Kevin gets up. This morning (Saturday) I woke at 215 & am still up (it's 5am now.) Yea, that's my current fun! haha

2) Food aversions

Roast beef (which I LOVE)
Hot dogs (this is rough at the VU games)
Frozen mango (made me gag)

3) Sore boobs

My aunt referred to it as "gorilla biting them." Kinda fitting. Just tender. I read that wearing a bra all the time might help a little but in reality, there's not much there anyway! haha

4) Nausea

It's not horrible all the time but I have my bouts of bad or just annoying. My MIL keeps asking me if I've thrown up yet. No & hoping that never happens! My nausea seems to happen more when I'm starting to get hungry so I try to not let that happen!!!

5) (TMI) Potty stuff

I'm not ever "regular" but it so happens that I have been in the last couple weeks. I thought it was odd then found out I was pregnant then it was MORE odd since that typically causes the opposite effect. Strange indeed (anyone else had that happen?)

6) Weight & appetite

Not gaining (yet) but I feel like I'm eating like a horse & staying the same now. I got back down to my "goal" & have stayed there since I found out. I'm constantly hungry & have to eat to kill the growling every couple hours! I think Kevin's going to install a trough soon! LOL (kidding....)

7) Smell

My nose has been replaced with that of a bloodhound. I smell EVERYTHING & it's intense.

Next appointment is on February 7th & I pray that we can hear the heartbeat. BUT I've already been warned by my doctor that since the due date is a guess that if we can't hear it then she'll send me for an ultrasound to better gauge how far along I am.

It's really hard to not worry about things happening though when I find myself even starting to go there I remember that it's not doing anyone (me or the Little Lentil) any good so I just pray. Sounds hokey but it refocuses my mind. I know that what is to happen in my life will happen & if I'm doing everything the way I should be then the rest is just out of my control.

So that's it on that for now. We have a busy weekend ahead. Kevin's grandmother passed away on Wednesday morning so we'll be with his family all weekend. We visited her on Monday night & were able to tell her about the baby. She was very weak but smiled big. Edith was a sweet woman & loved to laugh. She will be dearly missed!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh baby!

I got one of these: Okay truth is I have a few of those..who really does only one?

And now we're having one of these....
(my niece Emma at my bridal shower)

It's safe to say that we are super super excited but equally shocked that I got pregnant SO fast especially since we just started trying the end of October. My SIL & best friend both said (unbeknownst to each other) that they felt like it would work out this way & I also felt that in my heart but never thought it would be this quick.

So while I'm still early on (only 6 weeks now,) I still wanted to share on the blog. Only one friend who is local reads the blog (and she now knows) & none of my family so it's safe. We are sharing our news with family & friends though but not doing the whole Facebook public service announcement until we are further along (another month or so.) So those of you who are my FB friend, I ask that you keep this news off there. Please & thank you :)

I am feeling good other than lack of sleep (wide awake in the middle of the night), sore boobs that seem to be getting worse by the day & nausea that kicked in last night with a vengeance!

My goal obviously is to keep active & eat well during this pregnancy but I'm by NO means going crazy. I've actually lost several pounds in the last week since I found out & have been eating more. Weight gain will happen & I'll welcome it knowing the end result is a happy little chubber!

All of this, of course, makes me really miss my Mom. I can imagine that she's super excited even though she's not with us. And something about it all makes me feel SO much closer to God. A child is a gift like no other from God. And I daily thank him for our little lentil!

Moving forward I suspect this will be a big ol' preggo blog but you know me so I'll ramble about other stuff too. So my apologies if the blabber of it all drives some away but I suspect you'll come back in September to catch a glimpse of Baby B ;)

Friday, January 7, 2011


Things might be changing a bit on the blog. But that's really all I'm saying for now ;)