Saturday, January 15, 2011

And so it begins......

Thank you all SO much for the well wishes :) I'm still so excited & honestly have been feeling great. If you missed it, I had a BIG announcement!!!!

Here's what I'm experiencing this far....

1) Lack of sleep!!!!

Seriously, I wake up in the middle of the night (3am, 2am & the other night actually 1230am!!!) I'm up for a couple hours..wide awake, mind you...then doze for about an hour or so before Kevin gets up. This morning (Saturday) I woke at 215 & am still up (it's 5am now.) Yea, that's my current fun! haha

2) Food aversions

Roast beef (which I LOVE)
Hot dogs (this is rough at the VU games)
Frozen mango (made me gag)

3) Sore boobs

My aunt referred to it as "gorilla biting them." Kinda fitting. Just tender. I read that wearing a bra all the time might help a little but in reality, there's not much there anyway! haha

4) Nausea

It's not horrible all the time but I have my bouts of bad or just annoying. My MIL keeps asking me if I've thrown up yet. No & hoping that never happens! My nausea seems to happen more when I'm starting to get hungry so I try to not let that happen!!!

5) (TMI) Potty stuff

I'm not ever "regular" but it so happens that I have been in the last couple weeks. I thought it was odd then found out I was pregnant then it was MORE odd since that typically causes the opposite effect. Strange indeed (anyone else had that happen?)

6) Weight & appetite

Not gaining (yet) but I feel like I'm eating like a horse & staying the same now. I got back down to my "goal" & have stayed there since I found out. I'm constantly hungry & have to eat to kill the growling every couple hours! I think Kevin's going to install a trough soon! LOL (kidding....)

7) Smell

My nose has been replaced with that of a bloodhound. I smell EVERYTHING & it's intense.

Next appointment is on February 7th & I pray that we can hear the heartbeat. BUT I've already been warned by my doctor that since the due date is a guess that if we can't hear it then she'll send me for an ultrasound to better gauge how far along I am.

It's really hard to not worry about things happening though when I find myself even starting to go there I remember that it's not doing anyone (me or the Little Lentil) any good so I just pray. Sounds hokey but it refocuses my mind. I know that what is to happen in my life will happen & if I'm doing everything the way I should be then the rest is just out of my control.

So that's it on that for now. We have a busy weekend ahead. Kevin's grandmother passed away on Wednesday morning so we'll be with his family all weekend. We visited her on Monday night & were able to tell her about the baby. She was very weak but smiled big. Edith was a sweet woman & loved to laugh. She will be dearly missed!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

YAY! I love that I get to go through all this with you just after baby B. I remember it all too well. And the boobs hurting? You just wait my friend. LOL

I hate the morning sickness. I only threw up maybe a handful of times, but I hated always feeling like I was having the worst hangover. Blech.

Kristi said...

Oh, the joys of being preggers :)

Kathi said...

Congrats Heather! I look forward to reading about your journey to motherhood!