Monday, March 30, 2009

Just 'cuz.

People wonder sometimes what you eat. I used to log it all but it got boring. But because I'm currently a tad bored, here's what I ate today!

*Oats with honey & blueberries; egg whites & 1 whole egg
*Greek yogurt, banana & cocoa almonds
*Wasa multi-grain crackers, hummus & feta
*Orange roughy & asparagus with ginger dressing

That's all. I'll probably have a snack later if I'm hungry. That's usually just a rice cake with soynut butter. Though now that I think about it, I might be out of rice cakes. If so, I'll have a granola bar (Cascadian Farms Organic Chewy Chocolate Chip.) Yum!

Did not end up doing cardio today either. I broke my glasses this afternoon & Dad doctored them but I was afraid of wearing them to the gym. One wrong move & they are history again. I'll do a little longer session tomorrow!

Go Green! Go White!!

Ah yes, any Michigan State fans will know that cheer! It rang through the stadium yesterday almost as loud as the C-A-R-D-S cheer that seemingly got quieter as the game progressed! Ball fans will be VERY aware that the Michigan State Spartans (a #3 seed) picked off the Louisville Cardinals (#1 seed) who was expected to win the Big Dance by many. Welllllllll, not anymore!

It was a great weekend & we really had a great time! Friday we watched Sweet 16 games, had a couple beers & post-game snack. Oh & we had the BEST nuts at the game! They were almonds that were roasted with a sugar coating. To make it even sweeter they were right off the roaster. Soooooo good!

Saturday we wandered all day in downtown Indianapolis, meet some friends for a late afternoon snack, re-grouped then had dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory (I had the ricotta & crab ravioli with pesto alfredo sauce.) Then we decided to go see Haunting in Connecticut which was good. It was VERY creepy though to know it was based on a true story! Headed to a bar again for more basketball! The high school championship games were actually being played at the other fieldhouse this weekend too. So that was on TV along with the women's NCAA tourney. Really good games!

Yesterday as mentioned, we hit the Elite 8 games then headed home. We stopped for dinner & grabbed some ice cream (my treat was the Oreo Overload in a waffle cone) then watched ConAir at home until bedtime.

It was our intention to head to the gym this morning but ended up not doing that. I will go after work though we walked so much this weekend there was not an ounce of scale damage from our weekend eats!

That's the weekend recap. I'll post a few pictures once I get them uploaded. There just hasn't been time for that yet!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is my attempt to keep a better blog. Ironically, with that I've got not much to say this morning.

I had a concoction breakfast.

Mixed 4 egg whites, roughly 1/2c of oats & cinnamon. Cooked that like a pancake & top with chocolate soynut butter.

Cooked up some chopped apples with cinnamon, tossed that on the pancake with a drizzle of SF syrup (trying to use that up.)

Stopped for some yummy gas station coffee (with 3 sugars & half/half.)

That's it. Quiet day at work is anticipated.

Tonight we are going to BW-3 to watch Purdue vs. UConn in the first round of Sweet 16. It's likely that wings & adult beverage will be had!

Question: What were your wedding colors?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hodge Podge

I'm going to start typing them come up with a catch title. I thought a little recap is in order.

Bulls game on Tuesday night was a total blast. Who wouldn't love a skybox where the dessert cart comes to the door with shots of Bailey's in chocolate cups? So yum! I treated myself to that along with a super yummy brownie that was topped with brownie chunks, caramel & pecans. Toss in a side of ice cream too. Delish!

I also booked our reception yesterday afternoon. I got the okay from Dad & made the call. That was the first official booking of anything for our wedding. Soooo excited & I think I actually let out a squeal in the car when I hung up with the planner.

Workouts are all over the place this week but we've managed to train chest, tri's, shoulders & tossed in some cardio too.

I'm currently being entertained with the DVR. I finished up an episode of Platinum Weddings & am catching this week's Housewives of NY. Certainly a no-brainer night at it's best!

After this weekend, it's going to be game on. I've been working the last couple weeks on hitting a calorie target. It seems to be going pretty well so I'll step it up after we return from the Sweet 16 this weekend.

I'll recap the transition from contest prep to metabolic repair to where I am currently next week when that starts but you could find that info in earlier posts too if you dont want to wait!

That's it for the night really. A hodge podge as the title came to be. I might try some new things with blogging down the road too. I just want to play & have the time to do it so why not!!!

I've added some new blogs to the side under Daily Reads too & they are listed with the most current posters at the top. Check some of them out if you get some time!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring it on....

As if the Sweet 16 wasn't going to be enough! We are in fact headed to see the Bulls take on the Pistons tonight! Kevin's dad got tickets for a skybox so off we go! And because he's awesome, we are taking along my best friend & her hubby! Very excited. We'll also be with Kevin's parents & another friend! Good times!

Yesterday was a great day though I didnt quite eat enough because I didnt feel like leaving for lunch. I had some cottage cheese in the fridge so just had that instead.

I'm on a total mission to do away with any artificial sweeteners in my diet at the moment. That means real sugar *gasp* in my coffee, no diet sodas (though that'll slide now & then for a Coke Zero), no wacky diet bars or protein bars with that junk either.

I've tried some new bars lately & am LOVING the Odwalla bars as well as some Kashi bars that have a decent bit of protein in them too.

I used to live without the junk so I am striving to do it again!

Workout today was cardio & chest/bi's.

Eats will be decent today with some goodies tonight at the game! That will include the dessert cart that goes from suite to suite in the second half of the game! Yummy! hehehe

Gotta live right?

I'll leave you with something a friend said yesterday in regards to life & living. She said that life is good & carrying a few extra pounds isnt going to change that! So many girls sacrifice living & enjoying for what 5 pounds? Will that really make a difference? And when you die, they are going to say "wow, she was at her goal weight for a long time." Nah, they'll remember your zest for life & how you made the best of it!

Live life to it's fullest today. Tomorrow may not let you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Going to "The Big Dance"

Some of you may have no idea what I'm talking about but you basketball fans will know....

We are heading to Indianapolis for the Sweet 16 tournament games!!!!!!!

Super excited. I've never been but Kevin has. To say I'm excited is an understatement but it's fitting nonetheless!

Rooting for??????????

I'd love to see Siena upset Louisville.

Big 10 team Michigan St takes on a friend's beloved KU Jayhawks. So do I snub the Big 10 or keep a friend? lol I'll never tell!

We'll be rooting for Purdue from afar! No doubt about that!

Dont just survive, THRIVE!

Ah yes, another message courtsey of Valparaiso Nazarene Church. Good service yesterday from Shawn! I just love those Sunday's where you walk away like you've been walloped by a 2x4 in the forehead. Sounds harsh I suppose that God would have to come to me that way but sometimes that's just what it takes!

Anyway, it was a good week in my world. I'll recap accordingly & am trying to get back to more regular blogging. I really enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading so many blogs. I get to keep up with friends & while I dont comment much I'm always there. I do have to say that it floors me to see Dan & Crystal's girls growing up so much! Wow, I remember Riley being that little baby at Common Grounds. That's my trip down memory lane!

Sunday: 45 (ish) min run with Kevin (around 4.5 miles)
Monday: OFF (really we didnt want to get up!)
Tuesday: Chest & bi's (AM); 30 min cardio (PM)
Wednesday: Legs & shoulders
Thursday: 30 min cardio & abs
Friday: Back & tri's
Saturday: 30 min cardio & abs

I've been really working this week to focus on more natural foods. That means nothing processed (well except that Cadbury egg on Friday.) It's tough when you go out to eat but I try to make the best choices about 85-90% of the time. I've been reading some great blogs lately. I already mentioned Kath Eats ( but have also found Eat, Live, Run ( and Oh She Glows ( They are all great reads. Not only is it fun to read about what they've eaten, new food finds, etc but it's also fun to SEE what they've eaten. I dont know if I could invest the time in photographing all my foods but it's fun to follow along. They also do giveaways as well. So check them out if you get some time!

Things are moving along & this week I'll book the wedding date with the Luxor. I also am waiting for the approval from Daddy to book Strongbow Inn for the reception. Oh & it's worth mentioning that it's another "27." It'll be March 27 for that.

I am finding it challenging creating a guest list for that. I have SUCH a huge family & alot of people that I know through church, etc but I cannot invite everyone. There are some that have really been there for me that I want to include but I can't include everyone so I suspect that feelings will be hurt. It's just unavoidable isn't it?

But in the end, I just remind myself that this really is about becoming Kevin's wife & nothing more. And THAT gets me very excited! I cannot wait!!!!!!!

Wrap up
Life is good. Work seems to be moving towards improving which is a relief. You just never know what tomorrow is going to bring but I do like to keep a positive attitude (well, I try anyway) & just know that what's to be will be. Or my fave saying "it is what it is."

Thanks for following along. Perhaps this will become a more exciting blog. What kinds of things are folks interested in reading, seeing, etc? I dont think I'll ever become as "big" as the blogs I follow but you never know....

Have a FAB week!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Training, change & the #27

Odd title, eh? Almost reminds me of Sesame Street except it's not brought you by the number 27 like they always say.

Recap for Week of March 08
Sunday: 40 min Cardio & Abs
Monday: Chest & Bi's
Tuesday: 30 min Cardio & abs
Wednesday: Legs & Shoulders
Thursday: Off
Friday: Back & Tri's

Decent week of training. I cut back my cardio to be only 30 min sessions with one longer session per week (40-60 min.) Feels good to be keeping at things after so many years!

Sometimes I'll talk of the services from church. The sermon was by a pastor that I worked with when he was the youth pastor at our church. He's my age, pretty open-minded & really let me be "me" with the kids. It was really great.

Anway, he (Keith) talked about change & baggage. How we bring things with us each week that we intend to "give away." It can be a big thing (like an addiction) or a small thing. It really doesnt matter how big or small. What matters is that we continue to bring it with intentions of leaving it behind but continue to "sneak it back" as the week goes on. Perhaps you've struggled with gossip & during your quiet time as for conviction or whatever to rid yourself of that. Then by Wednesday, you are at it again.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves it make that change permanent, let it go & dont take it back up. Replace it with something more positive.

I dont like going all preachy so I wont. I really dont like when folks do that & truly feel that the principles we learn can be applied whether you believe in God or not. So take it for what it's worth but stop taking back the negatives in your life every week. Give them away, replace it with something that matters & LIVE the life you were intended to have!

Yep, as random as it seems, the #27 was heavy on my mind yesterday. So here's why.

January 27, 2006: I signed the mortgage for my first home.
February 27: My Mom's birthday & my parent's wedding anniversary.
July 27, 2006: My Mom passed away.
February 27, 2010: I become Mrs. Kevin B.

Doesn't seem so odd anymore does it? A friend at church asked me yesterday what our wedding date was & I told her. Then we started talking about my house & when I closed on it. I told her then looked at Dad & said "wow that 27 sure seems to be popping up alot lately." He just smiled & said it certainly does.

I know that NOTHING in my life is left to chance, fate or whatever. It's all part of a carefully laid out plan for my life. I have the right to make choices, however, which may or may not coincide with that plan but I couldnt help but know that I was walking the path intended for me. The 27's that were laid before me were NOT left to chance. They were carefully thought out, carefully put before me to remember that I dont have to worry, I dont have to fret & I dont have to be alone. Ever.

Rambling at it's best but it was a thoughtful day in my life. Things continue to fall into place...just as they should be...and I couldn't be happier!

Face today knowing that you dont have to fear change, circumstances or whatever is placed in front of you. They will only make you stronger in the long run!

Have a FANTASTIC week!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Long overdue!

I think I've probably said that before. But someone started a new journal for me on a forum so I've been posting there again! Sorry! It's really just a wedding journal.

Let's catch up....

I'm still looking for the perfect venue in Las Vegas for our wedding. I'm working with the Luxor right now & they seem to have the most reasonable package that includes everything we want in a wedding. I'm calling catering today to find out the scoop on a reception. Invitations to this will be limited to close family & friends (really close friends, grandparents, aunts & uncles, siblings & of course our parents.) That's a hard thing to do but will allow us a special day with those we are closest too. Then we'll have a big blow out cocktail party back home a couple months following.

I dont have a dress yet but have a couple shopping trips planned. I've been looking online as well & have found a few destination style dresses that I really like though.

I did stop running (interesting comment by "M.") because it just didnt feel right to continue. While I've been one to push past limits, this was not the appropriate time to do that. Risking further injury was not something I'm willing to do. I've not run in 2 weeks & have no further pain. I've been sticking to the elliptical, stairmill or bike for cardio. I will do a short run this week to see how things feel though. I dont want to stop completely but will definitely take it easy!

Overall health
Yea, that's right. I said it. My health is good. I'm still carrying the extra weight that I gained after my shows ended that happened during the metabolic repair program.

I did start with a nutritionist, the program did not work well for me. It was very low calories (6xBW), low carb (100g daily) & very low fat (30g max/day.) I dropped water at first & intially 8 pounds were gone. BUT I stopped pottying due to the lack of carbs. It was suggested that I take Citrucel, Metamucil & flax oil daily. I did that & it helped but what helped more was when I just ate more carbs. Eventually, I realized that program just was not for me. Moreso when I was running ALOT & was not given a carb increase. I just had to step back. Lesson learned.

From that point, I've been eating fairly intuitively & maintaining my weight. I would like to start dropping again but I am scared that my body isnt ready yet either. I was in contest prep for the first 6 months of last year so it's been 6 months now since I stopped. So I'm going to take a very moderate approach to loss once again. I havent thought it out fully & havent set up a plan yet though. Any suggestions are always welcome!

I think that's about it. My apologies for my long absence. I will still have to use this for my workout/health updates but will update wedding stuff here too when I have things to report.

I appreciate the comments & suggestions you have posted! Glad to have folks following along!

Have a GREAT week!