Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is my attempt to keep a better blog. Ironically, with that I've got not much to say this morning.

I had a concoction breakfast.

Mixed 4 egg whites, roughly 1/2c of oats & cinnamon. Cooked that like a pancake & top with chocolate soynut butter.

Cooked up some chopped apples with cinnamon, tossed that on the pancake with a drizzle of SF syrup (trying to use that up.)

Stopped for some yummy gas station coffee (with 3 sugars & half/half.)

That's it. Quiet day at work is anticipated.

Tonight we are going to BW-3 to watch Purdue vs. UConn in the first round of Sweet 16. It's likely that wings & adult beverage will be had!

Question: What were your wedding colors?


Posey said...

Hey Heather! Roseyposey from 02.

Im not married lol, but when i do i want the colors to be baby yellow. I will have tulips as my flowers and i want them to be yellow with hints of orange here and there so everything isnt just white and yellow.

Anonymous said...

I know to some it may be a bit bland, or maybe even too harsh, but I have always thought a black and white wedding would be beautiful. All the men in tuxedos, the bride in white of course! The groom in a long tailed tux. The bridesmaids in black with pearls or silver jewelry. A white cake with white flowers and black accent swirls decorating it. White flowers with black ribbons for all the girls. White table clothes with black runners down the center and black plates. Silver serving platters and silverware (ofcourse!). Black and white photos (again, of course!). White chair covers with black ribbons tied around them. Silver vases with one white rose, tied with a black ribbon, in the center of the runners on the tables. Black invitations with silver lettering. Ok...I'll stop, this is getting long! :) XOXOX LIS