Monday, March 23, 2009

Dont just survive, THRIVE!

Ah yes, another message courtsey of Valparaiso Nazarene Church. Good service yesterday from Shawn! I just love those Sunday's where you walk away like you've been walloped by a 2x4 in the forehead. Sounds harsh I suppose that God would have to come to me that way but sometimes that's just what it takes!

Anyway, it was a good week in my world. I'll recap accordingly & am trying to get back to more regular blogging. I really enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading so many blogs. I get to keep up with friends & while I dont comment much I'm always there. I do have to say that it floors me to see Dan & Crystal's girls growing up so much! Wow, I remember Riley being that little baby at Common Grounds. That's my trip down memory lane!

Sunday: 45 (ish) min run with Kevin (around 4.5 miles)
Monday: OFF (really we didnt want to get up!)
Tuesday: Chest & bi's (AM); 30 min cardio (PM)
Wednesday: Legs & shoulders
Thursday: 30 min cardio & abs
Friday: Back & tri's
Saturday: 30 min cardio & abs

I've been really working this week to focus on more natural foods. That means nothing processed (well except that Cadbury egg on Friday.) It's tough when you go out to eat but I try to make the best choices about 85-90% of the time. I've been reading some great blogs lately. I already mentioned Kath Eats ( but have also found Eat, Live, Run ( and Oh She Glows ( They are all great reads. Not only is it fun to read about what they've eaten, new food finds, etc but it's also fun to SEE what they've eaten. I dont know if I could invest the time in photographing all my foods but it's fun to follow along. They also do giveaways as well. So check them out if you get some time!

Things are moving along & this week I'll book the wedding date with the Luxor. I also am waiting for the approval from Daddy to book Strongbow Inn for the reception. Oh & it's worth mentioning that it's another "27." It'll be March 27 for that.

I am finding it challenging creating a guest list for that. I have SUCH a huge family & alot of people that I know through church, etc but I cannot invite everyone. There are some that have really been there for me that I want to include but I can't include everyone so I suspect that feelings will be hurt. It's just unavoidable isn't it?

But in the end, I just remind myself that this really is about becoming Kevin's wife & nothing more. And THAT gets me very excited! I cannot wait!!!!!!!

Wrap up
Life is good. Work seems to be moving towards improving which is a relief. You just never know what tomorrow is going to bring but I do like to keep a positive attitude (well, I try anyway) & just know that what's to be will be. Or my fave saying "it is what it is."

Thanks for following along. Perhaps this will become a more exciting blog. What kinds of things are folks interested in reading, seeing, etc? I dont think I'll ever become as "big" as the blogs I follow but you never know....

Have a FAB week!

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