Monday, March 16, 2009

Training, change & the #27

Odd title, eh? Almost reminds me of Sesame Street except it's not brought you by the number 27 like they always say.

Recap for Week of March 08
Sunday: 40 min Cardio & Abs
Monday: Chest & Bi's
Tuesday: 30 min Cardio & abs
Wednesday: Legs & Shoulders
Thursday: Off
Friday: Back & Tri's

Decent week of training. I cut back my cardio to be only 30 min sessions with one longer session per week (40-60 min.) Feels good to be keeping at things after so many years!

Sometimes I'll talk of the services from church. The sermon was by a pastor that I worked with when he was the youth pastor at our church. He's my age, pretty open-minded & really let me be "me" with the kids. It was really great.

Anway, he (Keith) talked about change & baggage. How we bring things with us each week that we intend to "give away." It can be a big thing (like an addiction) or a small thing. It really doesnt matter how big or small. What matters is that we continue to bring it with intentions of leaving it behind but continue to "sneak it back" as the week goes on. Perhaps you've struggled with gossip & during your quiet time as for conviction or whatever to rid yourself of that. Then by Wednesday, you are at it again.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves it make that change permanent, let it go & dont take it back up. Replace it with something more positive.

I dont like going all preachy so I wont. I really dont like when folks do that & truly feel that the principles we learn can be applied whether you believe in God or not. So take it for what it's worth but stop taking back the negatives in your life every week. Give them away, replace it with something that matters & LIVE the life you were intended to have!

Yep, as random as it seems, the #27 was heavy on my mind yesterday. So here's why.

January 27, 2006: I signed the mortgage for my first home.
February 27: My Mom's birthday & my parent's wedding anniversary.
July 27, 2006: My Mom passed away.
February 27, 2010: I become Mrs. Kevin B.

Doesn't seem so odd anymore does it? A friend at church asked me yesterday what our wedding date was & I told her. Then we started talking about my house & when I closed on it. I told her then looked at Dad & said "wow that 27 sure seems to be popping up alot lately." He just smiled & said it certainly does.

I know that NOTHING in my life is left to chance, fate or whatever. It's all part of a carefully laid out plan for my life. I have the right to make choices, however, which may or may not coincide with that plan but I couldnt help but know that I was walking the path intended for me. The 27's that were laid before me were NOT left to chance. They were carefully thought out, carefully put before me to remember that I dont have to worry, I dont have to fret & I dont have to be alone. Ever.

Rambling at it's best but it was a thoughtful day in my life. Things continue to fall into place...just as they should be...and I couldn't be happier!

Face today knowing that you dont have to fear change, circumstances or whatever is placed in front of you. They will only make you stronger in the long run!

Have a FANTASTIC week!


Linda said...

"let it go & don't take it back"...I love's simple but powerful!

Lady Rois said...

This was fantastic! The part about change... the letting go, etc.... it's right where I am right now. The hubby & i have been dealing with a lot of his family stuff and old wounds are opening up. It's forced me to look at what baggage I'm still carrying around, the grudges I'm still holding onto, for no good reason, either. Over lunch, we both decided that the hours we've spent agonizing over this were far too many, and it was time to let it go.

Then I read your post. Serendipity at it's finest.

and our 'lucky' number is 13. :)

FitCrazedMomma said...

Nice post Heather! Gave me chills....the good kind! ;)

Anonymous said...

I miss you girl! You sound wonderful.. calm... introspective.. just wanted to say...been thinking of you.. :) <3