Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring it on....

As if the Sweet 16 wasn't going to be enough! We are in fact headed to see the Bulls take on the Pistons tonight! Kevin's dad got tickets for a skybox so off we go! And because he's awesome, we are taking along my best friend & her hubby! Very excited. We'll also be with Kevin's parents & another friend! Good times!

Yesterday was a great day though I didnt quite eat enough because I didnt feel like leaving for lunch. I had some cottage cheese in the fridge so just had that instead.

I'm on a total mission to do away with any artificial sweeteners in my diet at the moment. That means real sugar *gasp* in my coffee, no diet sodas (though that'll slide now & then for a Coke Zero), no wacky diet bars or protein bars with that junk either.

I've tried some new bars lately & am LOVING the Odwalla bars as well as some Kashi bars that have a decent bit of protein in them too.

I used to live without the junk so I am striving to do it again!

Workout today was cardio & chest/bi's.

Eats will be decent today with some goodies tonight at the game! That will include the dessert cart that goes from suite to suite in the second half of the game! Yummy! hehehe

Gotta live right?

I'll leave you with something a friend said yesterday in regards to life & living. She said that life is good & carrying a few extra pounds isnt going to change that! So many girls sacrifice living & enjoying for what 5 pounds? Will that really make a difference? And when you die, they are going to say "wow, she was at her goal weight for a long time." Nah, they'll remember your zest for life & how you made the best of it!

Live life to it's fullest today. Tomorrow may not let you!

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Sohee said...

Excellent food for thought. I wish more people would realize that :)