Monday, March 30, 2009

Go Green! Go White!!

Ah yes, any Michigan State fans will know that cheer! It rang through the stadium yesterday almost as loud as the C-A-R-D-S cheer that seemingly got quieter as the game progressed! Ball fans will be VERY aware that the Michigan State Spartans (a #3 seed) picked off the Louisville Cardinals (#1 seed) who was expected to win the Big Dance by many. Welllllllll, not anymore!

It was a great weekend & we really had a great time! Friday we watched Sweet 16 games, had a couple beers & post-game snack. Oh & we had the BEST nuts at the game! They were almonds that were roasted with a sugar coating. To make it even sweeter they were right off the roaster. Soooooo good!

Saturday we wandered all day in downtown Indianapolis, meet some friends for a late afternoon snack, re-grouped then had dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory (I had the ricotta & crab ravioli with pesto alfredo sauce.) Then we decided to go see Haunting in Connecticut which was good. It was VERY creepy though to know it was based on a true story! Headed to a bar again for more basketball! The high school championship games were actually being played at the other fieldhouse this weekend too. So that was on TV along with the women's NCAA tourney. Really good games!

Yesterday as mentioned, we hit the Elite 8 games then headed home. We stopped for dinner & grabbed some ice cream (my treat was the Oreo Overload in a waffle cone) then watched ConAir at home until bedtime.

It was our intention to head to the gym this morning but ended up not doing that. I will go after work though we walked so much this weekend there was not an ounce of scale damage from our weekend eats!

That's the weekend recap. I'll post a few pictures once I get them uploaded. There just hasn't been time for that yet!

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Lady Rois said...

Go Spartans!! As a MSU and U of A Alum, I had a difficult time a few years ago when the two teams squared off in a final 4 game... While I'm sad that U of a got kicked out early, I'm glad that MSU is gettin' one step closer!