Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hodge Podge

I'm going to start typing them come up with a catch title. I thought a little recap is in order.

Bulls game on Tuesday night was a total blast. Who wouldn't love a skybox where the dessert cart comes to the door with shots of Bailey's in chocolate cups? So yum! I treated myself to that along with a super yummy brownie that was topped with brownie chunks, caramel & pecans. Toss in a side of ice cream too. Delish!

I also booked our reception yesterday afternoon. I got the okay from Dad & made the call. That was the first official booking of anything for our wedding. Soooo excited & I think I actually let out a squeal in the car when I hung up with the planner.

Workouts are all over the place this week but we've managed to train chest, tri's, shoulders & tossed in some cardio too.

I'm currently being entertained with the DVR. I finished up an episode of Platinum Weddings & am catching this week's Housewives of NY. Certainly a no-brainer night at it's best!

After this weekend, it's going to be game on. I've been working the last couple weeks on hitting a calorie target. It seems to be going pretty well so I'll step it up after we return from the Sweet 16 this weekend.

I'll recap the transition from contest prep to metabolic repair to where I am currently next week when that starts but you could find that info in earlier posts too if you dont want to wait!

That's it for the night really. A hodge podge as the title came to be. I might try some new things with blogging down the road too. I just want to play & have the time to do it so why not!!!

I've added some new blogs to the side under Daily Reads too & they are listed with the most current posters at the top. Check some of them out if you get some time!

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