Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cookie anyone?

I love that picture & saw it on another blog so had to share it here! Too funny!

Soooo much going on as you'd well expect! My wedding is 30 days away now & I can hardly believe it!!! How about an old fashioned recap?

*I had a dress fitting last weekend & it fits PERFECT!!! The only alteration needed is to add a simple french bustle. The train on my dress is not long at all so that did the trick. No hemming, taking in or anything! The lady laughed & said that NEVER happens. Though she did warn me to not lose alot more weight or it would be loose. 5-7 is safe or I'll have to get a bodysuit/corset type thing to help hold it up!

*Invitations for the reception arrived yesterday & are so fun. We are assembling & addressing them this weekend to be mailed.

*My friend is providing me glam services for the day of the, mani/pedi & make-up! A very generous gift & she's not even in the wedding. Such a sweetheart..she's actually dating Kevin's old roommate :) I'm getting my MOH a mani & some others are coming as well!

*I found out that someone at the Luxor upgraded us to a luxury suite for the days leading to the wedding & also got VIP access to Cathouse the night of the wedding to continue the celebrating! They have been FABULOUS!!!!

Fitness front:
*In grand style of my body, my weight bounced back to where it was so I gave up on the whole dieting thing thinking it was one less stress on my plate until after the wedding. Oh, good call...what happened you ask? Oh, I started dropping weight overnight! I got on the scale this morning & am down for this week again! It's insane but a smart friend said it's probably because I'm happy & finally let it go. My body has not cooperated in a very long time & now it decides to do it & so close to the wedding! lol I guess it's just God's timing & is getting me ready for the next step ;) So weight loss is fine & I'm just hoping to not drop much more before the wedding. The bridal shop will alter my dress for me though if necessary before the reception. I hope that won't be necessary but it's certainly possible at this point!

*My training & cardio have been spot on! I'm starting a new program with my coaches next month & cannot wait. It's similar to a program I did with them in the past. I carry a significant amount of muscle & while I don't want to build anymore (already did post-contest), I would like to maximize what I do have so this will give me that opportunity! Can't wait!

Biggest Loser
I'm sorry to say that I'm just NOT feeling this season again. I really don't know why. It's not because I'm busy with wedding stuff either. I block out that time with my best friend to watch but am just not getting into it like I've done in the past. I will say that the red team is so manipulative & I do not care for them at all. She's Tracy from last season all over again though dare I say she's worse. And what's up with the green team? Something HUGE is going on under the surface there too. They need some help!

That's enough for now. If I missed something, just ask :) And I'm wondering how you are all doing on your goals for the year?


MarciaG said...

Hey sexy!
That's all for now!
30 days!!!

Katy said...

Hey There! Wow I can't believe its only a month away! I am FINALLY planning ours - probably for next Nov./Dec. I'd love to pick your brain after yours is all over for tips and ideas!

I think of you often, so glad to hear all is well. I cannot wait to see pictures, you're going to be a beautiful bride!!!

The Kelley Family said...

I LOVE that picture!!
only 30 more days...WOW, I can't believe that. I am sooo freakinbg excited for you. : )

Mellissa said...

I feel sad for the green team- it almost seems like they just don't want to be there.

Kisha said...

Hi Heather! I actually found your blog through and I was inspired. I start Cathy Savage's lifestyle program on Monday and I'm extrelemly nervous and excited. Are you still with the program?
Congratulations on your impending wedding! Take the time to really enjoy that day, it goes by way too fast! :)

Jennifer said...

A suite-upgrade??!! Suh-weet! What a glorious gift from Luxor!!! So wish Tam and I were heading out there to join you, but will enjoy ourselves at your reception! Keep up the fabulous work with your fitness (but not too much as you mentioned cuz your dress is perfection right now!!!)!!!