Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowflakes are winter's butterflies.

Sweet huh? I guess it would be more fitting if the Region didn't look like this....
(picture from today's edition of the NWI Times)
Yes, once again the area is getting dumped on not by one but 2 storms. Actually it's the big storm moving across the Midwest at the moment. BUT it's going to stall out over Lake Michigan, pick up some friends & dump up to another foot of snow in parts of the area. What parts you ask? Oh, the part where I live! lol There are several counties that get the brunt of the lake effect snow & I happen to be in one of them. Dad always laughs because he lives just 13 miles SW of me. I will call & tell him of the foot we get...him? Nothing but a few flakes.

Onto the Biggest Loser...

I'm not really sure what I think of this season yet. It's actually scary to see contestants getting bigger & bigger. With that it's a relief to hear Bob & Jillian express more concern. The show was amazing & still is but their quest to find the biggest in America is scary. I hope they focus more on health like they did starting a couple seasons ago. I was happy they started focusing on lifestyle stuff. I think Tara was a pre-cursor to that with her OCD dieting. A bad found good.

I'm impressed with the white team. They have alot of work to do..especially the kid. His Mom of course got to my heart talking about not wanting to repeat her Mom's mistakes. Why? That's my goal too. It's why I do what I do. I can NEVER put Kevin through what my Dad had to endure with Mom. It was heartbreaking. I know anything could happen & we could still face times like that but I will never go down without a fight. Wow, digress much ;)

Things with wedding are moving right along. Will be ordering reception invitations in the next week, dress fitting is January 23 (they are putting in a bra & need a fit like a glove if you recall) & trying to put wedding stuff into place. Payments for that stuff are due in just a couple weeks. EEK!!!!!

So that's a brief recap. I'm off to brave the roads home though Dad said they are pretty empty. Schools were either cancelled or early dismissed. Thankfully when BIG storms like this come *most* people are smart & stay home. I'm grateful for that.

Be safe & stay warm!


Christina said...

I completely agree with TBL!! I'm over them choosing the biggest contestants. And although they can definitely use the help, I don't know if the extremes TBL uses is suitable for people of that health. Plus, I think the transformations are more exciting to see someone who was obese (but not SO severely) become a very fit, healthy individual...which can't really happen in the time of the show when someone has so much to lose. Anyways...I'm so excited for you for all the wedding stuff!!! I know its stressful at the end but it will pass and end at a wonderful time for you and Kevin :)

Nichole said...

I hear ya on the BL stuff. This might sound sad but I really fast fowarded when they were sitting around telling their stories.

Did you happen to watch the show on Discovery Health about Eric? I am not sure if it was a one time thing or if they are going to follow him but they did a formal update with him on that show.

I am glad things are coming together witht he wedding!! Your almost a MRS...Congrats!!


Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

I missed most of TBL last night! Grrr...gotta catch up!

Way to go on the Payless sale! Smart shopping!