Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Protein shake ponderings.....

Well, that sounds a whole lot more complicated that it is. I'm currently have a protein shake (already ate the apple with PB) & thinking. Do you ever turn into your own worst enemy? Do you overthink things SO much only to realize what you had going was what you already needed?

I've really enjoyed this holiday season. A new niece-to-be made it fun with her first Christmas. My Dad & his friend (okay, girlfriend) enjoyed both Thanksgiving & Christmas with my soon-to-be family (8 weeks, if you wondered), a visit with my cousin & his now fiance then one more Christmas with my family. We had ALOT of family time this year & I loved every minute of it. Along with those times came ALOT of really tasty food. My family loves to cook & one of my great uncle's married into an Italian family. HELLOOOOOO! Have you had dinner with italians? Oh the yumminess! My Aunt Renee made gingerbread elephants (so yum!), my Aunt Pat's lasagna, Kevin's Mom's 7-layer bars (several batches actually), sweet potato casserole that was like eating candy. Need I go on? lol

So with all of that brings a little guilt as I got on the scale after the full 2 weeks ended. Then my head starts going to different places..you know..."I should do this" & "I should do that." Why? I dunno...maybe because I've spent so many years of my life "dieting." I have a coach. She has a VERY sensible program. Her workouts kick my butt & I get my cardio in like I'm supposed to. It's a great program. So why on earth do I start second guessing? Is it because I'm a woman & that's what we do? Who knows but it was driving me batty.

Yesterday, I got my head screwed back on straight. I'm back on program...the one that I know works for me. Our holiday festivities ended on Saturday. I was back on program on Sunday. I trashed the rest of the cutout sugar cookies that were left in the freezer too. Have you trashed the junk?

This may have turned into a bit of a rambly post but something tells me that you understand. Are you ready? Ready to face this year willing to do what it takes to make things happen? Are you willing to grab the bull by the horns, take control & do what is necesary to reach your goals? Resolutions are for people who quit. Set goals & make them happen.

I'm facing a very busy few months ahead of me but I'm going to do my best to make this MY year to shine. From fiance to wife, I will make it happen.

ARE YOU READY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN???? What will you make of this year?

Saddle up friends....we are ready to ROCK!!!!!

ps..I'm sick of snow & don't forget Biggest Loser starts tonight!!!!!!


Lady Rois said...

I came to the realization this year that Jan. 1 is the 'resolution' day, not because it's the start of a new year, but because it marks the end of the chaos and schedule/eating upheaval that is the time between Dec 15-ish (when parties tend to start) and Jan. 1.

I for one was so happy to get back to some semblance of normalcy, or at least back into my routine... And it's funny, I just did a blog on ditching the 'shoulds' and 'have tos' in favor of 'get to'... a much more gratitude based perspective.

Lots of hugs for the coming months! Can't wait to hear all about the amazing wedding!!


Anonymous said...

Okay Heather - we must be sisters from another mother!! Same issues.

I came to work yesterday and threw away all 5 boxes of candy that got delivered in the past 2 weeks. Right after I did that, the postman delivered another. Has no one heard of fruit?

Back on track and ready to kick butt!!


The Kelley Family said...

Girlm very good post. Honestly this year I told myself that I would enjoy the holidays and not feel guilty and I didn't. There is something different this time around. I just feel like my head is in a better place than it was before. No resolutions..only goals this year. Our coach knows what she is doing and the program works. I don't know why we do those things to ourselves (if I did I would be loaded, lol).

On another note, it's almost time for me to visit, YEAH!!!!

This year

Jamie said...

I totally understand what you were feeling! The guilt, the second guessing, the whole thing. Sometimes its just nice to get back to regularity.

I can't believe how close your wedding is getting!! YAY!

LISA said...

Ooooh...I can feel it...the excitement! OMG! You must be about ready to explode! It's soooo close now! I love it! I can't wait and it's not even MY wedding! WOW! XOXOX LISA (socalhen08)

Krystal said...

So what did you think of TBL?

by the way, you need to set up an RSS option so I can subscribe to your journal!