Tuesday, February 2, 2010


If you've been reading my blog for any length of time or even just caught the "about me" posts, then you know that I lost my Mom to heart disease. In fact, my Grandmother (maternal) also died from heart disease. So it's not wonder that I'm such a fanatic about keeping fit & healthy.

Do you know someone that needs a boost? Someone that needs a gentle nudge in the right direction? Well, the American Heart Association may just be that nudge they need & they are offering a 12-week program at no cost too!

Check out their program: Better U

Please share this link with anyone you know that just needs to get healthy! They offer a program overview, blogs to follow other's progress, coaching tools & even recipes.


Jennifer said...

I saw a Macy's commercial last nite and they are selling red dress lapel pins for only $2!!

~MGF said...

Our school is promoting "Red" today for a healthy heart. Staffers and students in their red uniform shirt are making a statement.