Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I know the posts are only weekly but that's how it's gotta be! Crunch time is on & I feel like I hardly have any time left until we depart for Vegas! In fact, I have only 1 more week of work left. Next Tuesday will be my last day for a full week! Eek!

I'm moved out of my house now & we are cleaning tonight! My BFF's MIL will be moving in this weekend. I need to mail "welcome" cards to our wedding guests, assemble goodie bags for shipping (they will be at the hotel when we arrive), finalize any details then Saturday I'll pick up my dress. Pass off keys & garage remote to my house on Sunday & start packing for the trip.

Whew is right. But in just 11 days, I'll be married to the man of my dreams! He got me a super sweet Valentine's card too! We didn't do anything over the top for V-Day knowing that our big present is just around the corner.

Hope you are all doing well!!!


Mellissa said...

It is amazing how fast it goes!

SuperDots said...

Holy Molyzzz!!! :D wooo hoooo, wedding time!

Jamie (Food in Real Life) said...

11 days!! OMG! enjoy.every.minute!

Lady Rois said...


And remember: if you can make it through the pre-wedding crunch time and still be speaking to each other, you can make it through ANYTHING!

(for the record, any meltdown you have during the next few days is normal... just go with it, you'll feel better. :)


HUGS and super safe travels!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Im super exceited for you!!!