Friday, February 19, 2010

Dare I say???

I need the weight loss to slow down!!!!! Never did I think I'd say that outloud but I'm saying it today! The little drop I had yesterday was a blip because today I'm actually down 2 full pounds from last week! Granted, I fit comfortably in my favorite Lucky jeans now but still.

I'm just happy to get back into some of my fun clothes just in time for Vegas. My coach also gave me the go ahead for a modified prep-style week next week to help alleviate any bloat that may happen as a result of stress & travel.

It's full speed ahead kids. Just 8 days left.....

Feeling beyond blessed!


Jennifer said...

Can you give us, your faithful readers, tips on beating the bloat??? Please, oh, please!!!! I think I have been battling it the past week or so and wonder if it is a result of all the good-for-me foods I have been consuming as of late. HELP! :)

Anonymous said...

Great job. Like you said, don't looss to much we don't want that gown falling off you during the ceremony.


Anonymous said...

My doctor says it is the Love Hormone. . .whenever you are in love and happy you lose weight!!!

I am so excited for you!!!