Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting there.

Finally, I'm feeling the mojo again! I just was busy then sick then nothing to say. It's just not like me!!! But I'm starting to feel human again though not 100% just yet. My first round of antibiotics are just about in my system (2 more days) then I debated starting round 2. Why? Because I wanted to have wine on Thanksgiving! lol BUT I would RATHER hold my sweet soon-to-be niece instead. She's almost 5 months old & I do not want to give her my cooties. Soooooo, I'll put on my big girl panties, love on baby Emma & just have one glass of wine!

My progress had come to screeching halt in the last few weeks. First was my shower & weekend with family along with all that entails (really really good food!), monthly cycle (held a TON of water this month), our "buffer" wedding (which btw just means they were our buffer before marriage. It was them first, then us, then other friends.) THEN I got sick. I am not like most people who drop when they are sick. I gain or maintain. Why? Because I'm barely hungry but know that 1) medicine makes me sick & 2) my blood sugar will bottom if I don't eat. So I force down whatever I want. I nursed a frozen pizza for 3 days, had a lot of cranberry juice (thank you UTI) & lots of fruit. As of this morning, I'm only up 1.5 from where I was at my lowest before the shower. No biggie though....I've totally had fun :) Well, minus the post wedding hangover (hahahahaha.) I also had not been to the gym for a full week (yes, it killed me but I was a smart sick girl this time.) I just went back & have done LIGHT cardio the last few days.

Do you ever just get sick of even worrying about it? I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about that. She's not lost the "last 10 pounds" after she had her son. She said she started to become really obsessive about it but finally realized that she's doing everything right...she's active (walks or does the elliptical almost daily), eats very well most days & enjoys her life. Soooo many people do not have that. Why? Is being thin worth all of that? When was the last time someone asked you how much you weighed or what size your jeans were? Even when doing the figure shows, yes, we tracked weight loss for progress but that was not always the best gauge of how you were doing. What was you ask? The MIRROR!!!! It was all about how you looked. I told my best friend the other night how much I weighed & she did not believe me! It just doesn't matter. Do you look good? Feel good? Are you healthy? Start thinking about that instead of the number on the scale!! That said, I will confess that I do get on the scale every morning. It's a gauge though it does tick me off sometimes but what I no longer let it do is send me into a downward spiral!

Think about how you live your life. Are you in control or letting something else affect your whole day? (yes, like the scale.) Are you enjoying the things you love the most? Have the darn apple fritter (wait, was that a confession?!? lol) if it's what you really want. It may save you from overdoing it on something you didn't really want later.

Whew, I'm getting a little rambly but you get the point.

And one last request as you finish reading. Please say a prayer for Candace's family as they say their final farewells today. My heart goes out to them & I just pray for God's comforting hand in their lives!

Enjoy your day!

ps...I just like that picture. It has nothhing to do with the blog :) lol


Lady Rois said...

YAY for feeling better! And wow do you sound a lot like me before my wedding - I had all these wonderfully laid out plans for fitness, nutrition, doing this and this and this and ::wham:: brick wall.

Stopped in my tracks by bronchitis a month before the wedding, dress issues, vacations, etc.

Finally just said f***itall with the actual concentrated efforts of weight loss and just kept myself as sane as possible during that time.

You know what? It didn't matter I wasn't a size 10 or even a 16. I still married the most wonderful man in the world (after your hubby elect of course ;) I was still surrounded by love on the fantastic day. I still had a wonderful honeymoon filled with tasty drinks and an ocean view room.

I came back ready to really take on the journey - the one that's getting me as healthy as I can be, and the one that I get to share with my amazing hubby. I put aside the 'last 10 pounds' quest in lieu of the 'see how much I can lift and how far I can run' quest. I'm still working on getting comfy in the bikini for summer, but am happier with getting comfy with myself and being the best wife I can be.

As for the photo, I think it has a LOT to do with the blog. The instant I saw it, I thought "what mountain am I climbing? What's the view from the top? I hope it's as amazing as the view from here."

Many, many hugs!!!

vanessa40 said...

Hi Heather,
I'm glad you are feeling better.
I always love reading your blog. You are so open and down to earth.
Thankfully i'm feeling the same way about food and my body now. Life is to short to not be happy with yourself.
Hope you have a wonderful day

LaDonna said...

Hey Heather. I would like to have your opinion on Rudy. I can't stand that guy!!! Oh and hi girl. I always follow your blog even if I don't comment!

Lisa LaMore said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! You have much to be thankful for. Have a wonderful day. XOXOX LISA (socalhen08)

Ironayla said...

I know this is a bit after you posted this, but the photo caught my eye (as I took it) :). I have followed your blog off and on for a bit and echo what Vanessa said about it...which is why I like it :). You are living life and maintaining your health that works for you and reminds me that a healthy balance is possible :)