Saturday, December 5, 2009

I know, I know.

Yes, I'm a super slacktastic lazy blogger! Sometimes it's just that I have so much to say & don't know where to start, others I have nothing to say or don't feel like sharing & then those off chances where I'm just 100% lazy thus don't feel like typing!

So I'm feeling well enough & started training again this week. The whole cardio bunny thing was not fun but at least it was moving. I'm soooooo extremely sore this week from the workouts though & I've been walking funny for days! I think I need to start taking something to help aid recovery. Glutamine or something? Any thoughts on that? Do you guys take anything to help muscle recovery?

Thanksgiving was a great day! My Dad & his lady friend (lol) came to dinner at Kevin's parents. It was so great for them to have time to get better acquainted again. They met at the shower & we had dinner that night but this was more personal so it was awesome. Everyone had a great time & our families will mesh very well together. I'm really blessed with that & I know alot of people don't get that.

That Saturday Kevin's little niece (who's now 5 months) was baptized. It was such a beautiful ceremony & she was so good! We had dinner at a pizza place afterwards & had fun! We took family pictures & in typical fashion for Kevin's family this is the first take...

My hilarious FIL-to-be said something really funny & a tad inappropriate thus we all busted out laughing! It's just what you'd expect from this group! lol

On the wedding front, we are just under 3 months away & I'm really shocked that it's coming so fast! I'm not ready in the least bit with so much to still be done but I'm soooo ready to be Kevin's wife! I need to get shoes & have them for my first fitting next month. Coordinate the cocktail party after the wedding, figure out favors for the at home reception, invitations for the reception, etc. All of the reception stuff will have to be mostly done before we leave for the wedding too! AND we'll have a tasting for the reception in the next month or so where we'll also make decisions on the cake! YIKES! I think that's enough because I'm freaking myself out! hahaha

Anyone still watching Biggest Loser? Totally blown away that Danny dropped 59 pounds in 60 days! Still having some newbie effect going on there. It's not the most healthy way to do it but I think he's amazing for pressing on. They have to be exhausted!!! Big FINALE this week! Can't wait!

One last picture for your entertainment. It was taken at dinner the night of my shower. My aunt was being a goof so I just played along! lol More soon.....


Christina said...

Yay! I'm glad things are going so well for you :) And you look great! The wedding stuff will come together - although it is amazing to me too that it's already so close. Wow!

Red said...

Recovery - depends...what does your training look like? Depending on how much you are running, you might want to cut back on your lower body volume.

I 2nd Christina - you look great & sound like you are doing great. And keeping busy!!

Heather said...

Thanks to you both :) I feel great & am really enjoying what life is bringing my way!!!!

Red: I'm actually not running at all lately. Though I want to change that! I'm really just doing cardio 5 days @ 30 min per session & most of it is incline walking or elliptical. Leg training has been only one day but I swear it takes the whole week to recover. Volume is fairly high but I wouldn't think too much. I'll have to ponder that more. Nice to have you here :)