Thursday, December 10, 2009


Okay, I have some random thoughts swirling through my head so here they are in no particular order.

1) My truck has no heat. Great when it's 2 degrees with -19 windchill on the way to work. It's a safe bet that I've been in my long wool coat, scarf & hoodie all day long. My Dad & the other guy in the office spent half the day trying to fix it but with little success. They got it to warm only a bit but not enough to survive the winter. Cost to repair? About $1200. Not in the budget.

2) Why do food bloggers only seem to eat "clean" foods? I never seen anyone eat a Little Debbie. Am I the only one that has the Christmas ones in the freezer? lol I know it's a long list of ingredients, trans fat, sugar up the rear..but they are GOOD!!!
3) I don't like winter yet I continue to live in the Midwest. I even moved to Vegas but came back!

4) Did you know that people from the Chicago-land region have an apparent accent? We do but we do NOT sound like the Bears SuperFans from SNL. Close but not that bad.

5) The A&E show, Hoarders, makes me sick to my stomach & sad at the same time. I'm a tidy person with a little clutter but that show makes me look like a neat freak!

6) Our bedroom furniture is being delivered on Saturday! It's the first time that Kevin & I will have owned a full set (we both had pieces only.)

7) My Dad brought lunch today! He made a batch of cabbage, noodles & sausage (using Bob Evans breakfast sausage.) Soooooooo good!

8) I think that's all.......

Happy Almost Friday!!!!


Genie said...

I don't like Zebra Cakes. Or Ho Hos or Ding Dongs... (are those Little Debbies?) I could kill me some Oatmeal Cream Pies and Star Crunch thingies, though! LOL!!

RedOne said...

LMAO about the food thing - I've been ranting about it on O2! So many are either "clean" or simply focus on excluding 2 out of the 3 macros (fat & carbs)

SuperDots said...

1) I see you got that fixed, right? Awesome!

2) Food blogger lie. (hehe...)

3) I hate the heat and humidity, but I'm still in New Orleans! Home is where the heart is!

4) You should hear the Yat accents down here...or watch Jersey Shore, LOL!

5) I can't watch the show because I will break out in rashes

6) WOO HOO for bedroom furniture

7) Nice Daddy!

8) OK! :-)

Amanda said...

#3 is exactly how I feel too. I hate being cold and having to bundle up...yet I love snow, wearing my Uggs, and wearing pretty sweaters. I think I'm stuck here though because Jeff won't move to a coastal area lol

Kathi said...

Heather I first want to thank you for the comment on my blow. I still strugglie with the whole food, diet, body image thing and it is nice to know that I am not alone.

Lady Rois said...

I'm the slacker blog follower! Sorry!

As for #2 - A-MEN! I'm with the other folks, it's foodblog lies. lies I tell you... or they have super duper clean food (mostly carbs & fat) and the gratutious alcohol shots. :)

#3 - See... I was like you: grew up in Michigan, hate winter, moved to AZ. 'scept I stayed in AZ. :) Feel free to come visit any time!