Saturday, December 12, 2009

I heart....Netflix?!?

Oh yea, my recent addiction has become to Netflix. I signed us up after the local Blockbuster closed up shop. That left ONE video place on each side of town & as expected they are swamped! So that was our best option. Well, with that purchase, I've become addicted to Dexter, watched a few movies online & we've been getting our weekly movie via them too! It's so fun to be able to just watch it online. I started Bigger, Faster, Stronger yesterday afternoon & will finish it up today!

Last night we had a date night planned with some good friends but things happened & we only ended up having dinner, came home & vegged out. I think we were both out by 9pm! hahaha Party people! As a result though, I woke up around 430am, tried to fall back asleep, failed & got out of bed at 5am so Kevin could sleep. At the moment, I'm waiting for Indiana Furniture to deliver our bedroom suite.

On tap for the day is a VU men's b-ball game at 2pm then we are "pre-gaming" with friends before heading to a holiday/birthday party with Kevin's co-workers. Should be fun.

Today is my best friend's birthday & I truly thank God for every day she has been in my life. She saved me from some dark days after my Mom died. I know that. She's the one that I watch Biggest Loser with every week!

On another note, I am asking for prayers for my cousin's little girl, Hannah. She was born with a heart defect & as a result had a heart transplant when she was just a few months old. My cousin & his wife were informed yesterday that she has a spot on her lung. They are uncertain if it's an infection or cancer so they've taken her to the hospital where they did her transplant for further testing. My Mom was very fond of little Hannah & talked of her ALOT! When Mom died, all memorial contributions were given to Glenn & Krissy to help pay for Hannah's medical expenses. Mom wouldn't have had it any other way. So today, I'm heartbroken & asking for prayer for her little body. She is unable to battle colds or anything else like the rest of us so only God's strength can carry her through this. I suspect he has big plans for Hannah!

Finally, I wanted to share a picture that a high school friend posted on FB (some of you may have seen it already.) It's of my freshman pom squad....our parents actually. It was a holiday party for the squads (poms & cheerleaders) & our parents thought it would be funny to not only wear our uniforms but do one of our routines! So so fun & a memory we all cherish! My Mom is in the gold turtleneck & my lifelong friend's Dad is in the white wig. Both have now passed (within a year of each other) so we just cherish this memory of our parents being their usual goofy selves!

Enjoy your weekend friends & don't forget to count your blessings!!!

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