Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Biggest Loser of All Time!

Wow, pretty big title?!? Well, Danny was a pretty big man. Here's the full recap scoop from People Magazine. You really just want to know my thoughts though don't you? ;)

Where to start??? How about the "at-home" players? Well, I have to say that did a good job of dragging out the show for 2 hours. I was excited to see Antoine looking fine as ever! And hurray for his engagement. Very very cool! I really thought he had the prize but then Julio stepped up. Very shocked because he was such a slacker on the ranch....whiney too. My friend & I thought he looked cuter heavy but now just looks a bit creepy! lol Moving on. I have to admit that as much as I did NOT care for Tracy this season, I felt she looked the best of the girls. She had some muscle on her & yes she had sunken face but we all know that they follow contest prep diets the week leading up to the finale. She'll fill back out. Rebecca takes the at-home prize though. Not a fan of her hair AT ALL & I felt that she was just too thin. Anyone find it odd that she barely spoke? And are her & Daniel still together? Overall, everyone did amazing & it was nice to see they continued their journey!

Next up....of course, I was pulling for Amanda. Her journey has been similar to mine but I knew she didn't stand a chance against Rudy & Danny! It was amazing to see her follow through from finale to finale though. She's such a beautiful girl & I hope she starts living life! The boys looked amazing as well & I'm so floored by Danny's results. He lost HALF of himself! I did that once myself. From my heaviest to show day #1. I dropped exactly half of myself. That was not sustainable of course but it was fun to do anyway :)

Let's not forget the most generous & amazing offer made to Shay by Subway! I really feel for her having lost her Mother. That goes without saying but I'm so proud that she's continued with what she was doing. It takes more guts to press on in my opinion & that's just what she's done.

And then Abby who met her goal of losing 100 pounds. But in reality she gained so much more back in the process. She has a sparkle in her eyes again & just seems as if the weight of the world has been lifted. I cannot fathom going through what she did but know from my own experiences that you just lose yourself...even when you don't realize it's happening.

It was a great finale & while I didn't get as excited about this season as I've done in the past, I watched every single episode. It's such an amazing reminder for me to keep going, keep living & really stay focused on why I do what I do!

Life is for living people!

What have you done today to make you feel proud?

And ps...I know I use that pic alot but it seems so fitting! Are you waiting for tomorrow? Why???????


SuperDots said...

Sooo, I'm a little late replying ;-) sorry!

Let's see...

I agree that Julio looked a little creepy, LOL!

I don't care for Rebecca, so I'm glad she didn't talk too much. I do think she is a bit thin and I do NOT care for the hair color. Don't really care for Daniel all that much, sooo...oh, and I bet they had some drama since it wasn't mentioned! lol

Tracy-lost an awesome amount of weight, but I still don't like her! lol

Love Danny and Antoine and Shay! I hope she rocks that Subway challenge!

The engagement scene caused me to tear up a bit, in happiness for them!

Love, love, love Abby! And Amanda's

I wasn't as excited either, and hope I don't get sucked into the next season. I felt this one had a lot of when Jillian found out about Rudy's sister, I think it was, who died of cancer...I mean, I just don't see why she NEEDED to know that...yes, excess baggage, yadda yadda, but...if he felt it was a hindrence, I feel he would have mentioned it sooner??? Who knows.

Paula said...

I never caught on that Rebecca and Daniel are together. Apparently though blonde is her natural color.

As much as I hate Tracey, I have to say her body is looking much more together than most of them. I kind of wondered if maybe she didn't do a contest from her overall look. But what was up with the wierd gown they had on her? That think was just ugly.

I thought Julio looked good.

I'm glad Amanda made it all the way through. Although I think Liz had a very hard time with the fact that she wasn't chosen.