Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Did you see that????

It was 2009 & it passed at the speed of light! hahaha Really, where'd it go?

So, I'm just under 2 months from my wedding & stressing a bit. I know it'll fall into place (so they keep telling me) but I have ALOT to do. Most of it revolves around packing up my house & moving it to Kevin's. I have managed to sell all the furniture that needs to go. I'll donate the dining room table & toss the bed when the time comes.

I plan to move the cat over to Kevin's about 2 weeks prior to the wedding so he can adapt before we run off to Vegas! Some of you may wonder why we aren't living together already. I mean we aren't teenagers, right?!? I had a very odd conversation with my Mom about a month or so before she died. She pretty much gave me a laundry list of things to remember & one of them was to "not live with someone again before you get married." So that's why. We stay together most of the week but not full time.

I got my truck back all fixed but still need to take care of the door. It might have had an accident with the garage wall. Hmmmm. Yea. lol

We had a nice Christmas with Kevin's family. Ate lots of good eats for several days & are currently in detox before we start over again! NYE we have a VU men's b-ball game & are just grabbing a quick bite to eat before that. Then for my BIRTHDAY (New Year's Day) we are going to a brazilian steakhouse then hitting the boat (Blue Chip casino) for some gambling & fun! I'll be the big 3-8 & am feeling great about that! I'm considering stopping at 40 though! hahaha

On Saturday, we have another VU game & my family's Christmas too! The onslaught of food just won't stop until Monday & I say so be it! I'm still training, doing my cardio & eating well on the "off" party days. It's all that can be expected during the holidays! This is life right?

Who's ready for THE BIGGEST LOSER??? Don't forget they start again on Tuesday!!!!! I'll resume date night with my best friend then as well!

I think that's it for now. I *hope* to be better about blogging in the new year. I know things are becoming busy with the wedding, moving, etc so alot of it may turn into me bitching about something, venting or whatever but that's what this is for right? lol

While I'm at it...what are your GOALS for the new year? Not resolutions...we girl's set goals!!!! I think mine are self-explanatory! haha

Happy New Year to you all!!!!! Catch you in 2010! It's going to be a GREAT year ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year soon to be "Mrs. Kevin" :) Here: http://www.ehow.com/how_4705615_destress-before-wedding.html


Krystal said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. I'm so excited for your 2010!!! It's been a long time coming!

I blogged about my goals for the new year.


Deb said...

Happy New Year Heather!

Anonymous said...