Monday, March 8, 2010

Mrs. B returns!!!!

I'm back & officially married! Eek! It's hard to believe & the trip went soooo fast! I was in good shape the day of the wedding too..only one major meltdown. And tears STREAMING down my face while I looked Kevin in the eye & said my vows. Something very powerful about saying those words! The picture above was after he pronounced us as husband & wife!!!!!!!!

The minister did an amazing ceremony for it being so short but it couldn't have been more perfect! I'm sure you would like a proper recap & I've just not had time but I'll leave you with a few pictures for now. None of the dress at the moment since we have our reception coming up soon! Sorry for the tease but I'm keeping it under wraps until then ;) Still have friends & family who may blog-lurk that will be there!!!

Enjoy these for now!!!

Dad & I at the "rehearsal dinner"

The boys & the girls (Dad, Kevin's Dad & Brother, Kevin & his nieces)

My old (Mom's earrings), borrowed (Kevin's grandmother's pearls), blue (ring Kevin bought me for my wedding gift) & of course my new gown

Our rings (not the best picture but I have a band on both sides of my solitaire)

Our wedding cookies

More to come when time permits but for now it's time to get ready for the reception ;)


Red said...

Congratulations! I can't wait until you reveal the dress, but your happiness just radiates in the pictures, so I'm satisfied for now!

Lady Rois said...

There really IS something huge and powerful about saying the vows and the whole ceremony in front of your friends and family. I didn't think it'd be that much different but it's just... more of everything... more real, more connected, more committed.

I'm soooo happy for you and can't wait to see even MORE! Have fun with the reception.

LUBS the cookies!!!

Kathi said...

Congratulations! You look absolutely amazing! I look forward to hearing all about it and see more wonderful photos. Who doesn't love a wedding? Hope you have a great time at the reception.

Lisa said...

Thankyou for sharing. Those are the most wonderfully cute fantastic cookies I have EVER seen! You look fantastic Heather. The pic of you and your POPS is wonderful!!! I love it! CONGRATULATIONS!! XOXOX Lisa (socalhen08)

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Congrats what a lovely wedding!
So happy for both of you and for no major meltdowns.

You look amazing! Love the pearls too....

SuperDots said...

Awwww :D Congratulations! Love the pics--beautiful!

fitnessprincess said...

You look just gorgeous in your photos. I am so happy for you. Can't wait to hear what's next in store for you!