Monday, November 22, 2010

Are you ready?

Does your Thanksgiving spread look something like this? Ours may not be quite that elegant but all the fixin's are there!

My MIL is making dinner & the list includes turkey, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, rolls, pie, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole (that could be classified as dessert), etc. We'll also have pumpkin pie, pecan pie (I'm making this), magic bars & a dessert that my Dad's girlfriend is making.

A decent spread but not as much as usual (fewer of us this year.) Oh wait, I forgot the cheese ball (my one true love...)

So my plan? To eat a bit of EVERYTHING!!!!! Yep, that's right. While the folks at the Weight Watchers meeting were talking about alternative & skipping the "bad" foods, I was excited to sample all my faves. I always take 2-3 bites of what I want (less of some, more of others) but do not allow myself to get stuffed or even full.

And I ALWAYS have dessert...some of each but truth be told I usually have a magic bar the second we walk in the house. She only makes them during the holidays & since my in-laws won't be here for Christmas this is it! Oh & we'll probably have wine too.

Do you see me missing anything? Not enjoying the holiday with our families? Skipping out on anything I enjoy eating for the sake of wanting to drop 4 more pounds to get to my goal? Hell, no!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead, I'm being very mindful of my choices this week & making sure I get my workouts in so that I can enjoy the holiday. Then it's back to business as usual on Friday. I appreciate that my MIL cooks & I don't have a ton of leftovers floating around the house.

Do you have a plan of attack? Will you be waking up Friday feeling horrible due to overeating or perhaps not having something you enjoyed for the sake of a few pounds?

Life is too short to not enjoy but we certainly do not have to overindulge to the point of misery either.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

You know I love your methodology! Exactly how I approach it as well. I end up happy, not overstuffed and guilty, and not deprived. sounds good to me. :)

Sportsgirl said...

We don't have thanksgiving here but it we did I would be eating everything too!!

Dotsie said...

Oh heck yeah, if I can pull off commenting from my iPhone, I'll be a happy girl!!

Love this post and your plan! My plan is similar- hoping for dessert! Mom is in charge and I don't know if she will fo dessert, lol!!

Anonymous said...

Love this! So many people deprive themselves over the holidays instead of being mindful! ENjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Great plan of attack Heather, I always find that getting a smaller plate helps too LOL less room to pile it on HA! Enjoy your meal with your family.

Sarah said...

I'm totally going to do the same thing! A huge family reunion means many different kinds of dishes to sample!
Great outlook :)

Bianca @ Confessions of a Chocoholic said...

My plan for tomorrow is to eat a protein-filled and healthy breakfast, squeeze in a quick workout, then enjoy the feast! Then also back to business on Friday :)

fitnessprincess said...

I like Scott Abel's blogs. You might check out this week's new one at URL:
and DO enjoy your holiday - I plan to :)