Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slacking Pt 2

So yea, been really bad about keeping up with this blog again. I revert back to an online journal far too often & maybe should just posting my daily stuff here. Votes on that?

Well, lots going on & just keeping busy. Kevin has season tickets to the Valparaiso University men's basketball games so that consumes a couple nights a week now. It's alot of fun though & being the sports junkie girlfriend, I'm happy to go!

Training has been spot on & I'm back to a body part split. I love full body training but the split works out better with my schedule.

I've also hired a nutritionist of sorts & am now working with Dr. Joe Klemczewski for that. You can find him at Did I mention that he's a natural pro bodybuilder? It's only been a week but I'm feeling good. The reason for this is that I still do not feel like my body is back in peak function after the post show metabolic damage. It's getting better & I was able to drop a few pounds in the first week of the program but still needs some work. So I've handed my nutritional trust to Joe & he's also dictating my cardio. It's a decent amount to help with fat loss but also maintain conditioning. I'm a closet cardio junkie anyway so I dont mind it at all.

Running hasnt been really on since vacation but I'm doing the elliptical pretty often & can maintain my running pace there so I'm content with that. I'm actually hoping for a run outside this weekend but we'll see what the weather does.

We got our first snow of the season here in NW Indiana that resulted in 10 inches of snowfall in Valparaiso. And we are on deck for another accumulation tonight. Good times! I actually dont mind it so much but people do really forget how to drive from one winter to the next. Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!

I'm looking forward to the holidays though find myself pretty sad lately. I'm really missing Mom which is to be expected & as a result I've been a bit (or more than a bit) sensitive to things said to me.

A friend pointed out to me that I'm also too hard on myself & dont give myself enough credit for many things. I'm working on that though & hope to be better about that in the new year. I'm already working on the health stuff so perhaps that will be my resolution.

I think that's it for now but I thought I'd update while I have a minute to spare.

Be safe!


FitCrazedMomma said...

There you are my fellow cardio junkie!
Thanks for the update!
I am sure your mom is thinking about you at this time as well. be happy girl, she is so proud of you and for good reason!
Now get out there and RUN! ;)

Jeff and Natalie Perez said...

Hey girl, I would love to have you update here. I don't get on the O2 boards anymore. It's not for me. Glad to hear all the good news! Keep it up girl.

dori said...

I vote for daily updates here! I rarely go on o2 anymore and when I do, getting through your journal to find out what's going on with you is near impossible! lol

Anonymous said...

I cant imagine how hard it isfor you not having your Mom.. *hug* you know I am always here to lend an ear.. I saw this last week and want to share with you.. You Mom is EVERYWHERE.. I hope this brings you some comfort.. Love u!

Sportsgirl said...

I definitely vote for daily updates here!!! LOL

Sorry you're feeling sad about your Mom *hug*