Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recap & rambling

Nice title, eh? That's me be all uber creative! lol

Thursday, November 20
Training: Off
Cardio: 40 min SS (elliptical)
1: Rice cake & PB
2: Egg whites, ex. lean ground beef, peppers; wheat toast & SF jam
3: Rice cake, PP & PB
4: Ex lean ground beef & broccoli
5: Chicken, peppers & olive oil
6: Chicken, wheat pasta & garlic toast

Friday, November 21
Training: Back & tris
Cardio: Off
1: Oat bran, PP & blueberries
2: Ex. lean ground beef & asian veggies
3: PP & PB
4: Chicken & asian veggies
5: Rice cake, PP & PB2
6: Ex lean ground beef, chili tomatoes & corn bread mini muffins

Saturday, November 22
Training: Off
Cardio: 40 min SS
1: Rice cake & PB2
2: Egg whites, peppers & FF cheese slice
3: Rice cake, PP & PB
4: Egg whites, peppers & FF cheese slice
5: Sirloin, grilled shrimp & sweet potato (Texas Corral Steakhouse)

Today, I left some wiggle room for dinner out so I can also have some peanuts (from the shell) & a dinner roll if I choose to do so. We are also going to see Role Models so if I skip the roll then I can have a few bites of popcorn!

I will not have a refeed this weekend & suspect that is because I've been given a "neutral" for Thanksgiving. I prefer than anyway because I have every intention of enjoying that good food with family.

This week has continued to be emotional & I realized (through the realizations of another) that part of my thing is that I've never given myself credit for things I've accomplished. I'm too focused on the setback that I had post-show with the metabolic damage. I've never recognized what I accomplished to get on that figure stage. Stupid huh?

So how about this......

I've still lost over 100 pounds even with the extra I'm temporarily holding, I competed in 2 National qualifying figure shows & I didnt give up when it would have been easy to do so! I accepted help when it was offered, I continued to do something proactive when I stepped back from that assistance. And today I'm working with a nutritionist who's guidance is already producing results!

It's a start, huh? Program results thus far with Joe are great! I'm down 7 pounds in 1.5 weeks so far, I'm feeling good & he's been great about the changes that I needed to make in order to fit cardio into my schedule.

I've got no complaints & am happy to be a part of his team!

Have a great weekend!


Krissa said...

YOU HAVE LOST OVER 100 LBS!!!! Where are the pics? You rock!!!

Glad you like your new nutritionist. Sounds like it is working well for you :)

vanessa40 said...

Hi Heather,
Just wanted you to know how great i think you are.
I know i have not been on O2 lately but i wanted you to know i'm thinking of you...
I started my blog back here too
You have a wonderful weekend..