Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday's are FUN!

So Thanksgiving has come & gone. It was a good time as usual! Ate what I wanted, enjoyed every bite & never felt stuffed!

Let's see if we can manage that with 3 days of Christmas! We'll spend Christmas Eve at my great uncle's with some FAB italian cooking (aunt's side), Christmas day with Kevin's family then Saturday after Christmas with my family! AND we are gone Sunday for the Purdue vs. Valparaiso University men's B-Ball game too!

Then.....bring on my birthday cake!! Not sure what our New Year's plans are at this point but it'll be low key this year. We talked about just going to his brother's house so maybe we'll just do that.

I've been REALLY bad about keeping up with folks lately. I've honestly never been any good at it to be honest but it's been worse lately. So my apologies for that!

I'm getting ready to do a holiday baking frenzy too & am excited for that. I've got some new recipes from friends...chocolate covered cherry cookies, Santa's suprise (which are basically PB cookie dough wrapped around a little snickers then covered with powdered sugar & chocolate drizzle.) Oh yea baby!

All my holiday decorations are up too!

As for other stuff, I'm about 18 weeks out from my half marathon in the spring & then a month after that will be the 25K with Marcia! So excited!

Nutrition stuff is going pretty well, had some issues resulting from lower carb but we are on track (with Joe's guidance of course) to get things back in order. Honestly, I'm just wanting to coast/maintain through the holidays. I'm on track now...will derail for the above noted holiday events then will jump right back on. Living life as I like to call it!

Happy holidays everyone & thanks for being a part of my crazy life!

God bless!

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Anonymous said...

New Year's Birfday People are the best.. arent we? I am soo calling you at midnight and singing the best birthday song you've ever heard- got it? : ) glad you are well! *kisses*