Monday, November 10, 2008


It's been brought to my attention that I'm a blogging slacker! hehehe

Well, we got back from vacation last Monday & had a wonderful time! I've not taken a moment yet to do a detailed recap of the trip but will get around to that soon!

Here's a pic of Halloween Night at Universal's City Walk

Running has been on hiatus with the exception of one short one last week so we've decided not to do the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving but I'll hope to get a workout in regardless that day.

I guess I dont really have tons to report at the moment. I'll do better about keeping this updated again now that things are settling back to normal!


Sportsgirl said...

Woohoo! Nice pic... you guys look really happy (who wouldn't on holiday LOL).

Krissa said...

You two are cute. Glad you had a nice vacation.