Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's here. The day I've been anxiously waiting for.....VACATION!!!!!!! Tonight we will be on our flight to Orlando where we'll spend a couple days at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure, Wet & Wild, Disney & then whatever else we want! Evenings will most likely be spent at CityWalk! Kevin emailed me around 8am to remind me that in 12 short hours we'll be in flight! lol I had been thinking the exact same thing so I couldnt help but giggle!

This weekend I was at the Continental Bodybuilding & Figure show in St. Charles, IL cheering on some friends. It made me realize that I truly love competing & aside from the bad dieting for the first shows, I really want to do it again with better guidance. I'm thinking perhaps next fall but we'll see.

On the fitness front, I've been rocking my training, getting in my cardio & well nutrition has been okay. I got this crazy GI thing that's had me well I'll just say making friends with the bathroom. It's better but my tummy has still be acting wonky. So I invested in some Pepto for the trip with hopes that it'll help! So I've been eating pretty much when I can & not worrying so much about what it actually is. I'm on the one meal a day plan & that's only when I think my stomach will be okay.

That's about it in my world! I'm just ready to spend the next 6 days in Orlando with Kevin & enjoy a much needed vacation for us both!


FitCrazedMomma said...

Seems we were both at competition this past weekend and we both are having the same feelings on the stage again...perhaps next fall girl!
Have a safe and FUN trip please!!!

Sportsgirl said...

Hope you have a fantastic vacation Heather! I loved Islands of Adventure :-D