Monday, October 13, 2008

Trail mix good, migraines bad!

So yesterday I continued to battle the migraine that started on Saturday. All I could do was cry because I felt helpless & it just hurt. Kevin was amazing & had to fend for us for dinner. He cooked McDonald's! lol It hit the spot & served it's purpose. I was in bed by 830pm after dozing on the couch most of the evening.

Today finds me just feeling beat up with the after affects of it all. I took today off from the gym but will attempt a run tomorrow morning with Kev.

I'm concerned about the toe (read yesterday's TJ's incident.) I have no doubt that it'll rub & become irritated from as a result. My solution is to slap a band-aid on it & deal with any "icky-ness" after the run. I will NOT let this stop me!

I may have overdone some trail mix tonight but it was tasty! Sweet, savory & tart mix from Trader Joe's is my fave. I had to pitch the rest though to keep my mitts out of it! lol

Nothing much else going on with me. Two weeks from tomorrow, we head out & I'm 100% counting down! Kevin's actually getting excited now too that it's closer.

I really want to say how much I appreciate the comments on the blogs too. You guys give me things to think about & help me through things without even knowing it!

Have a fantastic week!


dori said...

Glad you are feeling better Heather!

Vanessa said...

Heather, poor girl..
I hope you are having a better day. Take care of yourself.