Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ramblings and catch up...

Today finds me continuing to reflect on the past & where life has taken me.

Sunday would have been my brother's 34th birthday. He's still 8 years old in my head & always will be. I miss him. It's harder now with Mom gone too. This week also marks the anniversary of his death. It was a family curse as my Mom called it. Many family members died within days of their birthdays. Craig was another person to follow in that tradition.

So to say I've been feeling down would be an understatement. I feel on the brink of tears at most moments & it sucks. I hate feeling this way but I know it'll pass.

Yesterday was my 2 year anniversary with Kevin. We had a great weekend & didnt do anything special yesterday. We have Orlando planned & leave just 3 weeks from today so that's our time to celebrate. I did make dinner on Sunday although in my little funk, I burned his steak. Thankfully, I like mine rare so was able to salvage that one for his plate.

On the weight loss front, things are going well. I'm keeping up with a loss of about 2 pounds a week & am very happy with that. I feared that my body was not ready for loss yet so this is a good thing! I'm sticking 100% to my points target during the week then having more open weekends. I actually look at the weekends as a refeed of sorts. I've been monitoring my daily temp too & that's keeping within a normal range. Good news all around!

Running is also going well! We ran this morning for about 35 minutes. Ran for 40 minutes on Sunday. Race day #1 is Thanksgiving with a 6 miler & we'll be fine. I'll need to come up with a training plan soon for the half marathon in the spring. I also need to get with the girls that want to run a race together in the Spring. Can't wait for that!

I think that's my recap for now. Probably missed something but that probably just means it wasnt that important. Or it could just mean that I'm spacey today! :)


Anonymous said...

*hugs* honey- know that you and your Dad have been in my thoughts all week. Luv u :)

Krissa said...

I hope you feel better soon. I am sure this would be a tough time for anyone in your shoes.

I like your blog. You have really came a long way. I see we both have struggled with eating issues in the past.

I am glad to hear you have had success with WW. I really believe in the program. 2 lbs a week is GREAT!

I am going to be training for a half marathon in the spring as well. I am doing the Kentucky Derby Half. I have never ran that far in my life so I have a lot of training to do. I will come to you for some tips :)

Vanessa said...

Good Morning Heather,
Just wanted you to know i was thinking of you.
I know this has to be a very hard time..just know you are in my prayers.
I'm enjoying WW and running more now too. Like you i stay on my points during the week and i'm a little more open on the weekends. Good thing my WI day is Saturday.
I have a race Thanksgiving day..so good luck to us both.
You take care...