Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Go Sox?

Okay, okay. So I'm more of a White Sox fan but coming from a family of Cub fanatics, I still have them in my blood. In fact, my aunt's nephew (by marriage) played for the Cubbies for several years thus we attended a lot of games during his years with the organization. Anyhooooo.

Tonight I will be forced to cheer on the boys on the North side as we'll be venturing to see the Cubs take on the A's. It's going to be brutally humid but thankfully we are rolling in skybox style! Thank you to my FIL for taking us along :)

It's been a day of mishaps (yesterday) so today I'm enjoying the evening with open arms! I'm hoping for a Stanley cup sighting as well but who knows if that'll happen.

Hope you are all doing well & a little teaser for you...things are going to get Insane in our house very very soon ;)

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Keely said...

So you're just going to leave us hanging? Have you done it yet? Insanity that is......