Friday, June 18, 2010

It's getting hot in herrrre.

Yes, folks. Bad spin off from a song ;) Today our weather guy indicated that we'll be experiencing tropical conditions. Not such a bad thing to most except for those of us living in the MIDWEST! lol We'll be topping out over 90 degrees today with high humidity. This is August weather normally for us!

The Cubs game was a blast. I had a ballpark hotdog, enjoyed a couple beers & sampled two..that's right..two treats from the dessert cart. Carrot cake & a lemon bar. My faves. Both were delish!!!

We finally received Insanity on Tuesday but have yet to give it a go. I need to figure out how to work it in with my weight training. But my hope it to start either Sunday or Monday. I have to set up the training area & get going! I can't wait though.

I won't lie, I gained a few after the wedding but I was very diligent with my eats & have eased up a bit. I'm being more diligent again but not as much as before the wedding. If that makes any sense at all? I still want to get back down to my Weight Watchers goal. Getting rid of the extra will help me be more healthy for pregnancy, help me move better at the Urbanathlon & help me look hotter for me & hubby for our honeymoon. See mostly realistic health reasons ;)

Not much on tap for the weekend other than taking our families (including my grandparents) to dinner for Father's Day. They get a meal on us & we help our friend by taking everyone to their pizza place. It's a win-win plus I don't have to cook!

Have a fantastic weekend & happy Father's day to your hubbies & daddies!!!!

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Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Your going to love Insanity and you don't need much room at all.

I am on week 1 then had ear surgery, so I will be back next week.

Your going to sweat off those cals like a bootcamp, let me know how you like it.