Friday, June 11, 2010

Plugging along!

Hey all! Been a bit I see ;) Things in the my world are going pretty well! How about a boring bullet list?

1) I started weight training again the first of the month & it's going pretty well. My finger is still an issue. It's stiff in the morning (can't bend it) & gets pretty tender by the end of the day BUT I'm still moving forward! I missed the weights & realize how much better I feel being able to take out any stress on the poor iron! I'm modifying where I need to & it's going well! Nice to be back in action!

2) Had my doctor's appt (annual) this week & spent time discussing "family planning." ;) I had been torn about when to stop taking my pills & after MUCH discussion with hubby, in my own head & a couple of my very dear voices of reason, I decided with my doctor to continue them for a bit longer. The headaches suck but are manageable, I don't want to get pregnant yet (doing the Urbanathlon & taking our vacation/honeymoon..both in October.) So we'll start "trying" then. She was good with that & reassured me that she's not remotely concerned about my age & having a baby.

3) The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup ;) I'm actually watching the parade & rally live online as I type! So exciting to have a championship in the city again especially one that's eluded them since 1961!!!! Co-Captain Jonathon Toews with THE cup. He was also awarded the MVP!

4) We are going to see Frank Marino's Divas tomorrow night with my in-laws. Super excited! If you remember, the girls took me to see it in Vegas for my bachelorette party & we LOVED it! They will be at the Blue Chip tomorrow & we scored free tickets. Kevin will redeem his man-card afterwards when I drag him to watch UFC in the bar. Yes, I'm a well balanced girl ;)

I think that's it for now. Life continues to be good, keeping VERY busy & enjoying what life brings our way!

Hope you are well!!!


Mellissa said...

I went off the pill in March and we are NOT trying right now. I have been using FAM and it has worked for 3 months perfectly :)

Kathi said...


Thank you SO much for posting on my blog. I can not describe in words how much it touched me. I feel like we have SO much in common when it comes this this weight loss journey and I was hoping that we would be able to continue a dialogue. I am not sure of your personal email so if you could shoot me on I would SO appreciate it. As you can see by my most recent blog I am continuing to struggle "big" time.


Deb said...

Glad to see that things are going well for you. You deserve nothing but the best!