Friday, May 28, 2010

Mission Possible?

Okay, aside from being the title of a friend's blog, it just seems so fitting.

I'm the kinda girl that has to have a goal. It's always been that way & always will be. I don't know why but it is what it is (Mom used to say that.) So I've been missing running & came across an ad in Kevin's Men's Health magazine. My FB friends already know where this is going but I'll keep the suspense building.

I've done a triathlon as a team with my BFF & her sister. I did the running leg since that's my best "thing." I just am not a good swimmer but I love a challenge. Figured it out yet? Not a tri but sorta like that ;)

It's the Men's Health Urbanathlon. No I've not lost my mind but check it out. the link ;) It's a 9 mile run with obstacle courses every 3 miles. Not normal ones though. you'll be running Soldier Field bleachers (the home of our Chicago Bears), climbing over cabs & busses (yes, really!), crossing monkey bars, crawling under marine shelters, over traffic barricades & under foot traffic barricades. Sound fun? I thought so too. Now I just have to get hubby on board though I think he'll do it too. He's the guy after all that will up his elliptical to 11 if I'm on 10, the treadie to 6.7 if I'm on feel me? He'll be in :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! We are off to the lake. I'm looking forward to sporting my new swimsuit, on a raft with a beverage in hand (of the adult variety) under the sun!!!!! With family of course ;)

Stay safe!!!!

ps..thanks SO much for the thoughts on the whole food rules thing. For the record, I'm not following too many but trying to keep enough protein in for satiety & keep more junk out that in!!!! Nothing wrong with that!


Trainer T.s Fitness said...

What a great idea, kinda like a massive bootcamp marathon!

I love it thanks for sharing.

Keely said...

This sounds awesome!!! I am always loving some new adventure. Something you and hubby can do together is just bonus! Cannot wait to hear how you train for this.

fitnessprincess said...

Cool- you go girl! I saw that competition and thought it looked quite interesting however with my ACL injury I don't think I will be joining you this year.
Congrats on being featured this month on the CSF website - you SO deserve it!

Lindsey said...

That competition sounds super reminds me of something they would do on the "real world road rules challenge" show. I think it would be fun!