Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 1

Do you remember that feeling when you first started lifting again? Well, today is that day!

It's only been a full week since I've not done any weights but my schedule has been so off for the last few weeks. Traveling one week for Hannah's funeral, surgery the following, totally off last week for recovery & now today am back at it again. My stint as a cardio bunny has officially ENDED!!!!!! (Sorry Tony Little...he actually amazes me!)

I saw my surgeon on Friday & he removed the stitches telling me to just be careful because the incision is obviously not healed & I have steri-strips to keep over it until it's closed. I only have to see him PRN which I'm hoping won't be necessary though yesterday my finger was very achy. I'm hoping that's just because it's getting used more daily & not a sign of a problem. I'm staying optimistic. Oh & the mass was 100% benign. Yay!

We had a nice weekend with friends & family. Saturday we celebrated my best friend's son's 4th birthday with a party. So fun. I just love that little man. His Mom was the only attendant at our wedding. She's been a close friend since 2003 when I moved home from Vegas & we've been through A LOT together. Saying she's my rock would be quite the understatement.

That night we took Kevin's Mom out for Mother's Day & spent Sunday evening with his parents at the boat as well. We had fun & aside from a lot of tears in church (and one other meltdown this week), I was okay.

On tap for this week is the usual & a hog roast on Saturday where I'll get to reconnect with some old high school friends. Super excited about that. Our 20th reunion is this fall & I'm glad to have Kevin meet some of them now so he's more comfortable at that event.

Happy Monday!


Tina said...

I'm so happy to hear it was benign and that it is healing nicely! I was thinking about you yesterday. I'm glad you still got to enjoy the day with a wonderful MIL. Hugs!

And that picture of you and Keving on the blog is gorgeous!

stacials said...

Glad you're healing up!
The pic of Tony Little just cracked me UP!