Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When handed lemons.....

....make lemonhead martinis? :) Yes, please! Well, things lately have not gone perfectly according to plan. I had to make the decision to step away from the weight room & focus on cardio as my routine for a few weeks. My finger is still swollen & I cannot fully make a clinched fist without pain yet. Why? The mass was attached to a tendon so it's taking time to heal that all properly. The incision itself is healing though & I'm waiting for the final scabbing to fall off. Just takes time & alot of hand exercises to keep it working.

So as mentioned, I'm doing a lot of cardio lately & trying to break through some barriers again. Like doing the stairmill on a puke worthy level, running a little more & this Sunday we spend 2.5 hours hiking at the Indiana Dunes Lakeshore. Here's the view from the bird observatory in the bog...
It's really beautiful there! The trail led us into the woods, through some valleys & finally onto the lake shore where we continued to walk. From there, we hiked another trail back to the shelter. It was pretty brutal...straight up some dunes & straight down a couple others. Something over 9 miles in total & we'd totally do it again!!!

Do you ever get caught up in food rules? For example, don't eat bananas (or any fruit for that matter) because they are too many carbs? No fat with starches? Protein at every meal no matter what? No this or that? Do you ever wish you could completely remove all knowledge of any such nonsense from your brain? Just curious. Sometimes we burden ourselves with so much useless knowledge & it truly clouds living.

Off to have a banana ;)


Keely said...

No bananas?? Well that is just crazy talk. Anything that comes from the earth or is meant to be eaten along the food chain is fine in my book.

Too many rules! Enjoy your banana and cardio!!

fitnessprincess said...

LOL! Oh I resonate. I think you would love my nutritionist Dr. Nancy Clark. Eating really is simple and intuitive if you just let it be. You might check out her book - she's a runner - and literally wrote the book on Sports Nutrition :)

Jeff and Natalie Perez said...

I hear you for sure! I have just started to think calories in calories out and try to eat whole, fresh foods as much as possible. So yes I do enjoy a banana when I want one.

This shift has really helped me not be so crazy about the food. I do think about getting in more protein still. Just because I know that the more protein I eat the less carbs I'm eating and I will have better success. But my Carbs have changed too to whole grains, like brown rice.

good luck finding your balance, it truly is different for everyone.

Red said...

I've had my own food rules from the past, but those are new to me. Are those from SOS?

Mine vary from NO fat (WW old school style), NO starches (carbohydrate addicts), to fats and starches must be in perfect balance with protein (Zone). It's enough to make my head spin.

I think the fundamental caloric information is what should be known. Otherwise we are all blind and look for voodoo cures for weight issues.

Beyond that? I don't know. Watch your calories, make sure you get the basic amounts of protein & fats (and avoid the O2 thread that goes on forever debating what that is), and then just have fun with what is left.

sigh...and you know that you've spent too much time on the boards when you find yourself wanting to ask if that was a real banana or a banana squash!

I hope you get to touch some weights soon!