Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey all! I thought I'd check in & update for a second. My surgery went well & I spent 2 days in a codeine stupor. I take virtually no meds other than my birth control pill so something like that really hits me hard! I actually found out from my BFF's Dad yesterday that my own loving father (hahaha) was making fun of my speaking abilities during the aforementioned stupor! Nice. lol I apparently looked & sounded drugged. Well, duh.

Onto the "tumor," it was pea-sized & hard. I got to see it but really don't remember. It was sent to pathology & I'll see doc on Friday for follow up but he felt that it looked "normal." I did find out that my little friend was attached to a tendon so thankfully it was removed without any damage.

I'm currently morphing into a temporary cardio bunny. Stitches won't come out until next week then I have to still be careful to not pull the incision (which is across the top of my finger width wise.) I'm also unable to make a clinched fist so will be limited until I can do that but I'm doing my exercises like a good little girl!

Hope you all are well & I appreciate the well-wishes/prayers!!!!

Have a FABULOUS day!

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Deb said...

Thanks for the update. I'm glad the surgery went well for you. Hope to see you back here soon!