Monday, April 18, 2011


He's creepy, eh? So here's a fun shift of gears for you. I need your help. What are your favorite Easter recipes???? I'm making dinner for us, maybe my inlaws & Dad with his girlfriend. I'm planning for ham, glazed carrots & Kevin's requested scalloped potatoes.

Any good recipes that you want to share with me????

Help a sister out ;)

And btw, thank you all once again for so much amazing support. I'm feeling better & now playing the waiting game to see if this is our month. God's plan....

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The Divine Mrs M said...

Heather ~ I recently received a carrot cake recipe that may be mine and Tam's grandma's. If you want it, I will be happy to forward the email to you. Just let me know today as I will not be online tomorrow or Saturday. Happy Easter!