Thursday, April 7, 2011

Still here.

Hey all! I'm sorry for my absence. Life got a hold of me & while things are mostly good, things happen.

*A VERY good friend of ours had a heart attack. At 35. He's fine now (with the help of 2 stents) but it was quite the scare. We are very grateful to be attending his surprise birthday party tomorrow night.

*Something happened at home the other night that really hurt my feelings. It was NOT intentional & I'm overly sensitive (certain that Mom would tell me that) but still took me a couple days to feel better. Hubby thankfully is fully aware of how I deal with things so gave me space yesterday & today is back to normal.

*He's also been sick this week so that puts baby-making on hold but I trust that in God's plan for us. Something tells me that this is part of it!!!

*I ran into a friend this weekend at a local race who I'd not see in a while (kind of a friend of a friend deal) so we chatted. She'd heard about the miscarriage & said she has a strong feeling that his time was our time. Then proceeded to tell me that she felt TWINS!!! Jen is a faithful believer & she gets "words" if you will. Those are two that popped into her mind during our talk. And for what it's worth, she's always spot on. I'm not telling Kevin ;)

*That's it for now but if you are curious about anything, feel free to ask :)

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Jeff and Natalie Perez said...

I do hope your friend is right! How fun 2 at once can be challenging, but if you are only going to do the pregnancy thing once(not sure of your plans) you may as well get 2 for 1! :) Feeling so happy for you and very positive for you! HUGS- yay for spring and new life!