Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Let's talk about......

Admit it, Salt-N-Pepa just cued in your head ;) lol  I always want to have stuff on this blog that people want to hear.  I can babble on about anything but if you are reading, there's *something* you are looking for but I can't know what that is if you don't tell me.

So per my Facebook post, here's what you wanted to hear (in no particular order....)

1. My workouts & how much time I spend in the gym?

Without getting into my program specifics, I will tell you that I'm training 5 days.  I do body part splits meaning that I will train "parts."  For example, back & biceps, chest, triceps & core, legs are even split out into glute/hamstring & quad focus.  That changes every 5-6 weeks.  I am doing HIIT (high interval intensity) cardio 3 times a week & have a couple smaller sessions as well.  My gym sessions range from 45ish - 80ish minutes.  3 days longer, 3 shorter & one rest day.

Do I get tired?  Yes.  My training is hard & can be as hard or as easy as I want it.  And since I want to bring my best physique, I work HARD!  When I leave the gym, I'm pooped & if I had anything left to give, then I didn't work hard enough.

I am smart though.  If I'm supposed to do cardio post training & am feeling too tired, I will do it after work at home.  Cardio can be on machines at the gym or completed by doing circuit training (think Tabata style.)

2. How am I feeling emotionally & physically?

Honestly, I feel AMAZING!!!!! My prep is SO different than it was before.  Let me preface this with mentioning the first show I prepped for was awesome.  My body was a science project & I was put on several different "types" of diets to get ready BUT I felt pretty good leading into the show.  It was with the local coach that things went bad.  EXTREME diet, severe water depletion & diuretics.  BAD BAD BAD.  I rebounded, got depressed, felt get the picture.

Now?  I truly feel good.  Mentally, I have to work through training sometimes BUT I can do it & I can push a little harder every day.  Physically, I'm still hitting PRs (yes, at 10 weeks out) so that makes me feel pretty awesome.  I keep saying that I don't even feel like I'm dieting.  Why?  Flexible dieting.  We are permitted (within reason..using good judgement) to eat anything we'd like as long as we fit it in our macros (specific numbers for protein, carbs & fat we are "prescribed.)  So yes, I do have a piece of chocolate daily.  I had some pizza on Sunday with a giant salad.  The only thing I did cut out fully is alcohol (by choice.)

So yep, feeling awesome & leaning out right on track.

3. How to start?

This is SUCH a huge topic so I will cover it another time but easy place to start?  Clean out your cupboards of things that are just too tempting for you OR work on having only a portion of what you'd really like (I prefer this but if you can't do this yet, it's okay...toss it for now!)

And start moving.  Go for a walk....even if it's around the house!  Just move your body!!!!

4. How is this different from the last time?

This is the BIGGEST question that I get only because so many of you witnessed the last process.  The major difference is the diet.  We follow a flexible diet, nothing off limits (within reason), not given a list of foods that we can choose from, etc.  I eat 80% "clean" meaning unprocessed "good" choices but anything coming from a container is processed somehow (almond milk, protein powder, PB, etc.,) you get the picture so I don't focus on the "clean" eating term but just make good choices.  I still use some products from a line that I've used for several years but I also use other products that help keep me at my best.

So, that's that.  Did I miss something?  Want more about anything specific?  Let me know!!!!

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