Thursday, January 15, 2015

Putting it ALL out there!

I've been asked for pictures so I mentioned having a Bodyspace page now because I've entered the #200ktransform contest.  Well, I've not only uploaded current pictures there but also where I started last April.

Those who are close to me, know the struggles we've faced in the last few years with miscarriages, fertility struggles & such.  The stress, medications, surgeries, procedures, etc, truly affected not only my mind but also my body.  It was a mess.  No matter what I tried, I would find a good flow then lose it again (which means re-gain some weight.)  I supposed I just wasn't ready to fully let it go (cue the song.....)  At any rate, last April I signed up for Lori Harder's 60 Day Transformation contest to get in a new place mentally.  I also attended her Bliss Project with friends in Chicago.  *enter HUUUUUUGE mental shift*  Heather got her groove back!!

As that contest ended, I felt refreshed & wanted to truly start lifting again but started to feel that "stale" feeling I had.  With that, I left a team that I had been a part of for a VERY long time (almost 8 years) & while it was a hard decision to make, it was the right one for me.  Fast forward to a month later, signing up with Team Best Fit Body & the rest is history.

So as you look at my pictures, remember, everyone has a story, a journey if you will.  And we all have to fight to get back to our good place.  If I had to stop today & live where I am, that would be okay but I'm hungry for more ;)

Here's the link to my BodySpace Photo page.  Feel free to follow along!  I will continue to update there as well as here!!

Note:  I sat here staring at this for almost 10 minutes before hitting publish.  It's hard to face reality sometimes of where you've been BUT I know that someone (who may never speak up) will see this & think "wow, I really can do this too" & that will be enough for me!!!

Live well, friends!


melindamote said...

Inspiring woman....

Amanda said...

I agree on Lori's Bliss Habit program! I did the 6 week online program and it was a life changer! I'm the last person to sign up for some 'self help'/'self discovery' program, but dang I am glad I did! There were tears but smiles and strength also came from it. Something about that woman is so encouraging. I can only imagine how awesome it was in person! :)