Monday, January 12, 2015

12 weeks to go!

So, I'm slacking.  But only in keeping this thing updated.  Everything else is BANG on!!!

New protocols started last week for nutrition & cardio.  New training program starts on Saturday after I wrap up the current 6 week plan.  What I LOOOOOVE about the training is hitting the PRs in the last couple weeks.  KB (husband) actually stopped mid-cardio so he could spot me on squats.  That's support!!!

I've also found a suit that I'm in LOVE with.  It's simple but flashy with stoning & connectors in the right places.  And no, I won't be posting it just yet ;)  In time but if you have my number, I *might* text it to you.  (tease, I know.)

Last week, I was asked about prepping meals, how do I do it, do I spend hours, etc.  NO WAY!  I'm a fast & simple "dieter." I will cook up lean ground meat, portion out for meals & toss in cooked rice (brown or white) & frozen veggies.  Bam. I will also use dinner leftovers for lunches.  Prepping for show (or anything else) can be as hard or as easy as you make it.  I choose easy!  No, we don't have kids but we both work full-time (KB travels weekly for work) & I am in grad school so our extra time will not be spent with me in the kitchen outside of usual meals.

One other thing, I have joined the transformation challenge & will be updating stats, pics, etc over there.  Feel free to find me, friend me, etc over there.  My name on there is fitness_runner!  Current pics are there but since I have them out there, this week I'll post current (tomorrow is check in day) with where I started with this team in June.

Happy Monday!!! Make today great & don't let anyone say you can't!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Love it Heather! I can't wait to hear more about your journey! I love you girl!