Monday, September 15, 2008

Is it possible???

This weekend was an eventful one with all the rains that hit the Region & it left many with a significant amout of damage to businesses & homes. Today started cleanup for them although many roadways are still closed due to flooding & rivers are still cresting. Scary stuff.

Now, back to the topic at hand. You may ask "well, what is it?"

Balance is the one thing that many of seek in so many areas of our lives. Family, friends, exercise & especially diet. Who doesnt want to eat whatever they want & not gain an ounce?!? Certainly all of us strive for that.

So I sit here today, coming back from metabolic damage from hardcore contest dieting. Prior to that, I've always dieted although it didnt seem as daunting at that time. I was enjoying the foods I wanted & when I wanted them. I was able to strike a balance with an overindulgences by cutting back a bit the next day or paying penance on the cardio machine of choice. It was a good combo. I was running races, feeling great, enjoying good eats without stressing about it at all.

Enter online coaching & counting all goes downhill. I find myself fixated on how many grams of whatever each morsel had.

Even with Weight Watchers, I counted points but never felt that obsessiveness EVER!

How do I get back to that? I have an idea & I'm working on it.

With that comes the idea of looking & feeling frumpy. I realize at the moment I'm adorning my fashionably frumpy clothes.

I realized that this weekend as I watched the movie The Women. Meg Ryan's character learns that her hubby is having an affair. As she transforms into her own person in the movie, she goes from frumpy to fantastic.

It was then that I realized I've phased back into frumpy. I dont like it but it goes hand in hand about how I feel about myself. It's hard to break past that at the moment when I am carrying around some extra fluff. I dont want to wear my "fantastic" clothes & am content to cover up. Thankfully the cold weather is cooperating with that ability to cover.

So I'm on a mission to go from frumpy to fab once again. I've done it before, had a little setback but am determined to get there again. I owe it to myself & to the people in my life. I sell us all short by being frumpy. It's not a good look for anyone anyway!


socalhen08 said...

That was a good post Heather. I'm glad you had an "epiphany" brought on by the movie. I have always done the same thing...when I feel like crap, I look like crap. I cover up, I pull my hair back in a ponytail. Essentially, I do what I must to go out in the world and not offend anyone, but that's about it! But...I have also learned that once you start that behavior you soon find yourself feeling and looking that way all the time and getting more and more down on yourself. It's hard to come back out of that if you get too deep. I'm really proud of you for seeing it so early on and deciding not to go that route. I'm sure you are still beautiful even with this extra "fluff" you speak of. So get out there and shine again! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

love reading this. I learn so much from you, and am so inspired. I too will ditch my frumpy clothes...give me a week or so...

Genie said...

Wow Heather! This really struck a chord w/ me. I have been rocking the frumpiness (okay, no one really rocks frumpy. lol) lately, too, but I never really thought about it. I gotta get out of this rut... I just need to figure out how to cover up the fluff without looking frumpy.

Anonymous said...

maybe focus on the fact that under that lil bit of fluff is Muskels! :) and I bet your the sexiest frumpy girl ever!

annatude08 said...

Hey Heather--
Well spoken. You are so in tune with yourself and on the right course. You always amaze me. It is sooooo easy to go fluffy, but who said we should make it easy? Game on.

guitarstar said...

Hi Heather, I know what you mean! It is hard for my mind to see that i look ok NOW (normal, my husband would say), but when you know how tight and fit you were for show time, it's like ummm I don't look like that now though! So, out come the coverups and baggy shirts. But, you (and I) :) will get back to that feeling, in the right way! You are a beautiful woman, and on your way back from frump to Fab! (even though in my eyes- you are always FAB!)

Vanessa said...

Hi Heather,
Lord girl...i know what you mean..
Balance..that's what i'm trying to find now. I've been counting macro's since 2006 and it's very tiring. I want to get back to that point too. Back when i just ran,lifted and ate clean with a few treats that i didn't beat myself up over.
Once again let me say how much i enjoy your blog. You always give me something to think about ;)