Wednesday, October 14, 2009


That was pretty much the look on the faces of me & my friend last night when we realized what way the Biggest Loser vote was going to swing. Suffice it to say that we were floored.

Can we talk about Crazy Tracy for a second? What is the deal with that girl???? 1) How does she keep getting control? 2) Why is she so awful & mean? 3) Does she really think the others actually like her? 4) Has she had botox (discussion in my future SIL's FB page) 4) Perhaps she has some mental illness (diagnosed by my BFF.) Okay, I'll be nice now but something is really not right with her.

I can certainly understand the team realizing it's a game & doing what's necessary to stay in it. BUT really? I'm morphing into not nice again...stopping! lol

I'm not sure how I feel about this season to be honest. I'm not "feeling" it like I have in seasons past. Not sure why but I will certainly keep watching to see what happens! Aside from the Tracy drama, it was pretty uneventful again.

How was YOUR week? Are you meeting your goals? You set goals right?

I'm still right on track. I was the same on the scale as of Saturday (my check-in day with my coaches) but as of this morning I had another pound drop. Do you ever notice a pattern on the scale for you? My shifts occur on Saturdays & Wednesdays. Weird, huh? And typically I only loose every other week as well. That's been my pattern since I started working with Cathy Savage back in 2007!

So it's been a month since The Biggest Loser started. How have you done? I really do love hearing how everyone's doing each week! It's motivating for me to hear successes!

My month? I'm down 6 pounds since the start of the show! Realistically I'd love to drop 17 before the wedding but am NOT killing myself to get there! I'm checking in weekly with my coaches & utilizing the feedback they give me! I'm spot on with training & cardio but my eats are a bit off. Why? Because I'm not super hungry!

In the past, I'd stuff myself to the gills when I was stressed but when my Mom died, that shifted somehow & now when I'm stressed I just don't eat. Andi (one of my coaches) encouraged me to eat even if it's just a few bites. I know that it's best to eat smaller meals to keep the "fires burning." BUT if I'm not hungry, I'm not forcing food down the hatch. What I've been doing is having bigger meals as a result. I don't want my system to backfire as a result of not getting enough food especially when my activity level remains high (4 days of training & 5 days of cardio.) So.......

That's my story! Feeling good, pressing on. Trying to find rambles so that I can blog more!

I will be posting a "public service announcement" for Cathy Savage Fitness once I get the information. Cathy typcially sets up a summer shape-up program but this year is doing an holiday program as well for $99! You can email me for details (or leave a comment) & I'll forward the info (also will post it) once it comes! Cathy knows her stuff & you see many of her girls in the magazines! Lori Harder, Lindsey Messina, etc. Heck she got me to the stage too!!!

Have a GREAT day everyone!


Mellissa said...

Tracy is driving me nuts, I watch the 2 hour show in about 40 minutes I can't take all the stupid drama but I want to see how everyone does each week.

Christina said...

Well, you know how my week was - good by my standards even if not perfect ;) And I agree - there is something seriously wrong with Tracy. The main thing I don't like about this season is I don't have a favorite to root on. None of them are really all that motivating and excited about the changes they are making. I would have to say I like Dan the best so far.

Heather said...

Tracy is crazy, and she ruined Coach Mo's mojo. :(

We DVR the show each week (as we have for several seasons now), and I FF through most of it this time around. I can't stand all of the crying and whining. I don't even tolerate it from my offspring. lmao

Deb said...

Not too many days til the shower and wedding. Yeah!

Tracy is also driving me nutso. Do you think they could have rigged the drawing for the card to choose the teams? It provided great drama. What was it Coach Moe said, the air moved around the area or something like that?

Wish I could FF through TBL. I just go do something else for a few minutes until they start doing something interesting.

My weight is up 7/10th lb. So about the same. I have not been very focused but will do better for next week!!! I promise!!!